Render Torino esposizione da Piazza Rita Levi Montalcino

Piazza Torino Esposizioni redevelopment project approved

The Turin Municipality Council has approved LAND's project, funded by PNRR resources, to revitalise the square in front of the Torino Esposizioni complex.

The upcoming public space, featuring stone paving inspired by the original design, is set to become the city’s primary gateway to its cultural hub. This redevelopment will harmoniously connect Turin to its best-loved Parco del Valentino, recently renovated by LAND. The two regeneration processes will take off simultaneously.

Our intervention at Torino Esposizioni spans an area of 12,400 square meters. It incorporates nature-based solutions such as removing over 5,500 square meters of impermeable flooring and pedestrianising the area, except for a cab lane in draining concrete. The existing row is doubled with 41 new trees to give continuity to the avenue of Linden trees, while the green parterres are expanded.

Grafts will dialogue with existing species while shrubs will increase biodiversity, thus creating a new ecosystem that will favour the district’s sustainable development and improve its inhabitants’ quality of life.

A welcoming and functional pedestrian space, returned to citizenship for recreation and socialising in the green, which completes the redevelopment project of the entire Torino Esposizioni complex, ready to house a library, a theatre and a campus for the Polytechnic from 2026.

Project Team:

ICIS Srl, Gae Engineering Srl, Montana SpA

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