Conference in Verona, “IL FUTURO DELLE CITTÀ – Ripartire dai quartieri”

Andreas Kipar is key speaker at the international conference "THE FUTURE OF CITIES - Starting from the Neighbourhoods". The event takes place on April 22 in Verona.

The CNAPPC (National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservationists) has organised the international conference “IL FUTURO DELLE CITTÀ – Ripartire dai quartieri” (THE FUTURE OF CITIES – Starting from the Neighborhoods), scheduled for April 22, 2024, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the Auditorium Verdi of the Centro Congressi Verona Fiere.

This event, held in collaboration with the City of Verona, is part of the series aimed at redefining urban regeneration through innovative paradigms of territorial governance. This conference aligns with the goals of the eighth National Congress, “Living the Country—Cities and Territories of the Near Future,” which focuses on providing concrete contributions to legislators, public administrations, and the public regarding urban regeneration. Verona was specifically chosen for this event due to its proactive stance on ecological principles and ambitious urban planning projects, demonstrating the practical steps we can take towards a more sustainable future. The city on the Adige has recently started a project to rewrite the new Land Use Plan.

Andreas Kipar has been invited as a key speaker during the afternoon session starting at 4 PM, concentrating on Verona’s new Land Use Plan (Piano di Assetto del territorio). Director Matteo Pedaso and Giulia Castellazzi will accompany him. From the ‘city of 15 minutes’ to the ‘territories of 30 minutes’, our commitment to reconnecting people to nature, concretised in the idea of a nature-positive landscape, passes through Verona and its neighbourhoods.

The other speakers of the session are Lorenzo Bellicini, Direttore Cresme, Paolo Galuzzi, Ordinary Professor at La Sapienza, Università di Roma, and Arnaldo Toffali, Director Area Territorial Management and Urban Planning and Design Municipality of Verona. The event will allow us to discuss innovative strategies to develop urban proximity in the name of ecological transition, accessibility, and inclusion.

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