More than 3 decades of green

A Wunderkammer, or wonder-room, as we know it from past centuries, is a collection of marvelous things. Wonder, amazement and whole-hearted, curiosity-driven learning still now retain their power. The fascination that was once felt for rarities in a cabinet of curiosities is now reflected in the fascination aroused by LAND’s work with nature as it plans and implements concepts for people. Over three decades of LAND’s ideas, plans and projects are gathered together in this Wunderkammer, created in 2021 at Via Varese 12 in Milan

Urban next to rural, ideal next to practical, local next to global – it’s the same concept as the traditional cabinet of curiosities, which never hesitated to put natural objects next to artifacts, handicrafts next to art. But LAND’s Wunderkammer collection not only looks back, but also opens up to constantly changing future horizons. It offers exhibition space (like the 2023/2024 Green Rays exhibition), initiates talks (like the 2022 talk on urban living and temporary uses), and becomes the last stop for walks to experience the city on foot.

And this ultimately turns the Wunderkammer into a place to wander: an ever-changing journey through the diverse landscapes of LAND.

Wunderkammer hosting talk "What about nAIture" during MDW24

Dialogue between Art and Urban Design

On the occasion of the Milano Design Week 2024, the Wunderkammer hosted the talk “What about nAIture? dialogue between art and urban design”. The discussion between LAND’s CIO Nikolas Neubert and the digital artist Paola Pinna, moderated by Novella Cappelletti from the magazine Topscape, was meant to explore AI’s potential in shaping the urban environments of the future.

By stimulating dialogue between seemingly distant fields, the start of the debate was the question of whether and how AI can extend our creativity and how creativity is actually changing. Will AI become a replacement for humans? Can it develop a consciousness? Soon, it was clear that the architect and the artist were not so distant in their opinions: the role of both disciplines is destined to change. While AI can help us, on the one hand, solve complexities faster and can be used to evaluate and measure the impact of decisions and projects, will it take over our world?

The whole talk is available on YouTube.

Wunderkammer exhibition 2023/ 2024 on the Raggi Verdi (Green Rays)

“Green rays break up the old city and connect small, often forgotten fragments of nature with abandoned post-industrial open spaces. They create a framework of green/blue infrastructure that lights up the city.” Andreas Kipar on the Raggi Verdi (Green Rays) exhibition in the 2023/2024 Wunderkammer.

Twenty years ago LAND developed the Green Rays strategy, which has since caught on worldwide, as an exhibition (2023/2024) in the Wunderkammer underscores. Green Rays open up pathways from the center outward through the city and lead out into the surrounding countryside. Because according to LAND‘s Green Rays manifesto, public spaces “must be reclaimed so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the city.”

Wunderkammer during Design Week 2023 on the “WanderWorld” series of Carlo Stanga

At Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week 2022, LAND’s Wunderkammer is transformed into a treasure chest where visitors can immerse themselves in the “WanderWorld” series of illustrations by illustrator and architect Carlo Stanga, printed by Spazio81. The images, created exclusively for our LANDmagazine, recount the “Joy of Landscape All Around Us” that inspires our work.

Carlo Stanga talks about his work: “The title WanderWorld suggests wandering through the landscape, taking an unplanned route where you let yourself sink into the pleasure of serendipity. And indeed, there are endless unexpected discoveries. I like the verb to wander, because it reminds me of the word wonder, that is, the wonder of discovering as you wander, retaining the ability to be surprised and moved.”

Wunderkammer during Design Week 2022 on the subject of temporary use at MIND

The Wunderkammer as an opportunity to show how nature and landscape guide the temporary use of the changing city, provide a preview of the transformation underway, help create a sense of community, integrate with design, and open up new perspectives for the future: a greener, more resilient future based on integrating nature into multiple aspects of our lives.


Wunderkammer opening 2021

A project by LAND Andreas Kipar, Roberta Filippini with Virginia Sellari. Curated by Luca Molinari, Luca Molinari Studio with Anja Visini. Exhibition and graphic design by Leftloft.

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