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Kristina Knauf in podcast Architekturfunk

Kristina Knauf spoke with journalist Kerstin Kunekath for the podcast series Architekturfunk by Heinze GmbH. How do we implement the LAND motto "Reconnecting people with Nature?" Thinking about planning and transformation processes from the perspective of nature, changing people's focus.

Grün: Let’s break it up

Article on Baukultur. Green: It‘s not a colour. It’s an attitude!

Nature-positive landscape on Rigeneriamo il Territorio

Integrating nature into the urban fabric and enhancing the ecosystem services provided by green spaces increases the resilience of environmental systems and communities and improves people's quality of life—the successful case of the German city of Essen.

Andreas Kipar in podcast Citymaking

Andreas Kipar in dialogue with Thorsten Kausch, Stadtmanufaktur, is in favour of more "radical thinking" when it comes to cities. This is good for the people and good for the climate.

The productive landscape on Rigeneriamo il Territorio

Andreas Kipar describes his vision for a productive landscape as a common good on Rigeneriamo il Territorio, the online platform promoting dialogue and conversation about the main topics related to territorial regeneration, renovation and redevelopment.

Andreas Kipar, article for Swiss magazine COLLAGE

Italy has evolved from the traditional ritual of the urban walk ("passeggiata") to today's urban explorer, as in the 'Green Rays' case in Milan. The 'new promenade' is a question of displacement in space: no longer a social and community activity but an activity that combines the action of walking and the possibility of experiencing the experiences offered by the urban context.

Zeitenwende für die Innenstadt

A publication summing up the results of the forum "Zeitwende für die Innenstadt" by RP Forum, an alliance of architects, urban planners, project developers and property experts, under the leadership of Pia Kempner, to develop viable solutions for a people-friendly, climate-friendly neighbourhood in Düsseldorf.

“Anatomy of Public Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective”

The research project “Anatomy of Public Space: A Multidisciplinary Perspective” aims to study public space from the different perspectives of the three components of the working group (i.e., architecture, landscape, mobility) in order to present a multidimensional narrative of the role of public space in contemporary cities.

The urbanism of the future is landscape

Abitare 622, based on Sara Banti's interview with Andreas Kipar for the March edition, focused on the significant transformation the city of Milan will face in the coming years: from the works for the 2026 Winter Olympics to the artistic and technological districts that promise to revive the most peripheral areas.