Landscape Transformation

Brownfields and new urban developments are a lifetime opportunity to introduce innovative solutions and planning approaches. The energy and ecological transition and the need for more sustainable infrastructure shape the development of urban and rural areas into productive landscapes.

Lura Park, Lomazzo, Bregnano, Rovellasca, Italy, ph Nicola Colella

Lura Park, Lomazzo, Bregnano, Rovellasca, Italy, ph Nicola Colella

In our projects we deploy nature-based solutions to provide benefits to citizens and non-human stakeholders. Large territorial transformations require a novel approach to detect their natural capital and ecological value. We developed participatory methodologies to combine science and citizen science with geographical and satellite data to map urban biodiversity while promoting uses in open spaces. This approach permits a broader consensus and incremental learning in the city-making process.

Renewable energies are at the core of the energy transition. Nevertheless, solar, wind and hydropower must be integrated into the landscape to enable effective benefits for local communities and to ensure the protection of natural ecosystems. We provide strategies and design consulting to achieve these goals by combining nature-based solutions with engineering and new monitoring technologies. For example, we are developing a novel approach to integrate photovoltaics with water, soil and vegetation, in both rural areas (agrivoltaics) and brownfields (ecovoltaics).

Airolo valley renaturation, Switzerland

Airolo valley renaturation, Switzerland

Road, rail and energy infrastructure is more and more important to connect people and places. However, the impact on landscape is a major concern due to aesthetic factors, accessibility, and ecosystem fragmentation. Green infrastructure is our solution to maintaining environmental connectivity while providing vibrant open spaces for people who live and work in the affected areas.

Sustainability Consulting

We guide both private and public clients through the dynamics of environmental, social, and economic factors, with a focus on enhancing the well-being of both urban and rural spaces, to benefit people and the planet.

Strategic Planning

We collaborate with municipalities, public administrations, and companies with the goal of creating lively and sustainable cities. From spatial strategies to environment- and landscape-oriented masterplans to urban planning practice, we support clients in developing their visions of a sustainable future.

Landscape Design & Construction

We design attractive and inclusive places through collaboration and innovation, strengthening the connection between people and nature to strive for sustainable development. We are not just creators; we are stewards of nature, committed to nurturing and conserving our environment for generations to come.

Applied Research

Together with municipalities, businesses, and academic partners we drive applied research initiatives and offer science-based consulting and capacity building at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization.