Integrated Urban Planning

Urban open spaces offer an opportunity to rethink our way of life with a view to a
greener and more equitable transition. Our planning approach makes the landscape a moderator of other disciplines to provide an integrated vision that considers all meaningful aspects of urban planning within a collaborative process.

We’ve entered a new phase of urban design that puts people and nature at the forefront. Walking and biking are not only individual actions that can reduce emissions, but also a new way of experiencing the city and interacting with spaces and other people. We offer consulting to rethink urban spaces through slow mobility and by creating proximity to green and recreational facilities.

Porta Nuova area in Milan, Italy, ph © Nicola Colella

Porta Nuova area in Milan, Italy, ph © Nicola Colella

New urban developments are an opportunity to improve quality of life by applying sustainability standards, and to make space for nature. We consult real estate companies and public authorities and support them in developing masterplans that promote a human dimension for public spaces and in establishing public-private partnerships to provide innovative management of and maintenance concepts for green areas.

Public space in front of Feltrinelli Porta Volta in Milan, Italy

Public space in front of Feltrinelli Porta Volta in Milan, Italy

The uncertainty created by the climate emergency and the social and economic changes in our society are posing a challenge to the deterministic top-down approach to urban planning. Masterplans must become dynamic instruments for dialoguing with different stakeholders, and must be able to adapt to sudden changes. Meanwhile, LAND is experimenting with meanwhile uses and temporary urbanism within European research projects, and has implemented them in specific sites to foster cooperation with investors, municipalities, third sector organizations, and citizens.

Sustainability Consulting

We guide both private and public clients through the dynamics of environmental, social, and economic factors, with a focus on enhancing the well-being of both urban and rural spaces, to benefit people and the planet.

Strategic Planning

We collaborate with municipalities, public administrations, and companies with the goal of creating lively and sustainable cities. From spatial strategies to environment- and landscape-oriented masterplans to urban planning practice, we support clients in developing their visions of a sustainable future.

Landscape Design & Construction

We design attractive and inclusive places through collaboration and innovation, strengthening the connection between people and nature to strive for sustainable development. We are not just creators; we are stewards of nature, committed to nurturing and conserving our environment for generations to come.

Applied Research

Together with municipalities, businesses, and academic partners we drive applied research initiatives and offer science-based consulting and capacity building at the intersection of sustainability and digitalization.