How do we work, with whom do we plan strategies, and what do we think about? In three issues of LANDmagazine (2021-2024), we’ll discuss topics related to the challenges created by the climate crisis and the great societal transformation underway. True to our mission statement: reconnecting people with nature!

In – between landscape

LAND Magazine Vol. 3

With an eye to the future, using nature-based solutions to meet the challenges of the present: thinking, working, living together. After Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 we close the trilogy, making space for a dialectic between an open future and the forward-looking steps we have taken towards a productive relationship with nature.

The joy of landscape all around us

LAND Magazine Vol. 2

Joy, enthusiasm, fun, pleasure, serenity, delight: an exploration of the landscape that uses every opportunity to develop a quality future with Nature. After Vol. 1, Leading with Landscape, here is the second issue of our LAND magazine. We joyfully dive even deeper and more consciously into the landscape.

Leading with landscape

LAND Magazine Vol. 1 I Online soon

A magazine containing reports and stories, opinions, interviews and analysis of questions concerning nature, cities and our future way of living. A unique opportunity to reorient ourselves in this time of transition, to take responsibility and finally to take our place.