“What about nAIture?” – LAND explores new horizons at MDW24

Investigating the relationship between nature, artificial intelligence and urban space through the mediation of art is the aim of the talk launched by LAND on the occasion of the Fuorisalone at Milan Design Week 2024. A debate evocatively titled "What about nAIture? dialogue between art and urban design", which will see Nikolas Neubert, CIO of LAND, discussing with the well-known digital artist Paola Pinna in the Wunderkammer exhibition space in via Varese 12.

In an era in which technological innovation and urban sustainability are increasingly intertwined, we are called upon to open up to new horizons in which the disciplines interpenetrate in an osmotic relationship. From this perspective, LAND is proposing the talk format already experimented with in the last two editions of the Fuorisalone to explore the capacity of art to go beyond the limits of physical reality, by analysing its connection with urban design.

The talk will feature the participation of Nikolas Neubert, Chief Innovation Officer of LAND and expert in AI applied to urban planning. He will bring the expertise of LAND Research Lab in research and innovation, which spans multiple years of achievements exploring emerging trends and technologies for landscape development, where the use of AI helps to fasten the planning and approval processes.

Neubert will discuss it with the digital artist Paola Pinna, who has been investigating for years what it means to be human today, by focusing on the spiritual and magical aspect of life in our age characterised by technological development. The discussion will help to understand how, thanks to careful artistic direction, AI becomes a creative tool capable of autonomously generating shapes, colours and fragments of faces, while offering a preview of how technological-artistic innovation can redefine the boundaries of the urban experience.

The event will be held on Monday, 15 April, at 4.30 p.m. in the Wunderkammer in Via Varese 12, LAND’s exhibition space. The exhibition created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Green Rays will be the backdrop of the talk: an emblematic example of how technological progress has changed design methods and, along with them, the role of the designer. The talk will be recorded and then broadcasted in order to be watched during Milan Design Week and beyond.

Artificial intelligence’s crucial role in designing urban spaces that respect and enhance the natural environment, contributing to greater resilience and renewed well-being for citizens, will be at the centre of the debate. A dialogue between art and urbanism that opens up new design paradigms, where technology enriches the fabric of our cities with new experiential possibilities.

At the same time, the discussion will investigate the fundamental contribution of art. Through new technologies such as NFT, art can bridge the urban community and the concepts of sustainable urbanism, acting as a catalyst for positive change, including in social behaviour. Indeed, art can communicate complex visions intuitively, provoking reflection and discussion on the future of our cities and our relationship with technology and nature.

Therefore, the talk will be a unique opportunity for professionals, technology and art enthusiasts, as well as merely curious, to discuss AI’s potential in shaping the urban environments of the future. By stimulating dialogue between seemingly distant fields, the event intends to develop a reflection on how we can make our cities more adapted to human needs and more resilient to climate change.

Limited tickets available via Eventbrite

Media Accreditation: daniele.galimberti@landsrl.com

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