Render of the Heilbronn European Green Capital exhibition design by LAND

Exhibition opening in Heilbronn, running for European Green Capital 2026+

The German city of Heilbronn publicly promotes its application for the European Green Capital with an exhibition devised by LAND.

As the city of Heilbronn, supported by Fraunhofer IAO and LAND, is finalising its application to the European Green Capital (EGC) Award 2026+, a public exhibition about the competition format is being launched.

While celebrating the five-year anniversary since hosting the biennial federal horticulture show BUGA with the launch of the newly completed Landscape Plan, Heilbronn is already focused on the future, aiming to position itself as a pioneer in European sustainability and innovation.

For the occasion, we have devised an exhibition about the European Green Capital application, providing information about the award while boosting residents’ participation, with the aim to engage citizens in shaping a green future together.

Located right at the heart of Heilbronn, the showcase is accessible from April 17th until April 21st, and has been realised by LAND for the city of Heilbronn with the support of the local communication agency gruppe sepia.

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