morning fog at retention basin arcore

LAND’s Water Park in Arcore officially opens to the public

Designed by LAND and Etatec Studio Paoletti and promoted by Brianzacque, it will be the first park dedicated to water and built according to the principles of green-blue infrastructure in Brianza.

After nine months of work, entirely on schedule, the Arcore Water Park is finally inaugurated: a prototype green-blue infrastructure designed by LAND and Etatec Studio Paoletti and promoted by Brianzacque. The project was created to combine rainwater containment with environmental and landscape enhancement. Innovative, surprising, and inclusive, the Park is now ready for the community to use.

“Today water is once again a central and vital element in our daily lives: a resource to be conserved, to made visible and to be used for the regeneration of our territories and cities”, says Andreas Kipar, co-founder and CEO of LAND.

The Water Park is the first step of a new design strategy to face the emerging challenges of climate change, capable of bringing together the elements of soil, water and greenery in favour of a regenerative and resilient nature for the entire local community. In line with the objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development promoted by the New Green Deal, the Park presents a system of integrated solutions for water regulation, redevelopment of the environmental system and enhancement of the social fabric.

An innovative and resilient project

“When it rains heavily, the watercourse overflows, creating flooding and problems for the surrounding area. Thanks to the new format, the water will be channelled through open stretches to an infiltration basin: a large natural reservoir planted with hygrophilous vegetation capable of holding, accumulating, and dispersing the water. It will be a green meadow where, without rain, it will be possible to walk and carry out recreational activities,” adds Shirly Mantin, Director and Partner at LAND Italia.

All around, paths and pedestrian routes intercept the existing bicycle and pedestrian paths with rest areas, spaces for play/educational activities, communal gardens and water games supplied by pumping systems without electricity. The entire context has been integrated with planting typical elements of the Brianza agricultural landscape: rows of vines, lawns, solitary trees and elements of street furniture made of natural and recyclable materials.

An ideal scenario to provide the local community and the new proximity tourism flows – born with the pandemic – with opportunities for safe and enjoyable recreation, relaxation, meeting and cultural and social growth. “This project is the first step in a territorial strategy of adaptive design, capable of combining the elements of soil, water and greenery in favour of a regenerative and resilient nature for the entire local community,” says Lisa Perego, young Project Manager at LAND Italia, who followed the project from its genesis to its realisation.

A project that is the starting point towards a more comprehensive vision: the BrianzAcque format represents a first step that the public operator of the integrated water service of Monza and Brianza adds to the plan of progressive measures of adaptation to climate change aimed at making the managed territory more and more resilient.

Even before it came into operation, with last week’s torrential rains, the natural lamination basin located at the Park’s centre passed the litmus test, proving to be perfectly functional by invading 4,000 m³ of rainwater without flooding or overflowing.

The green oasis will be inaugurated and opened to the public on Saturday, 23 October, at 3.30 p.m.

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