Masterplan Visione Massagno 2025-2040

Presentation of LAND's strategic vision for enhancing the landscape and open spaces in Massagno, Canton of Ticino.

On March 7, there was a public event in Massagno, a town in Swiss Canton of Ticino. In the presence of Mayor Simona Rusconi and Deputy Mayor Fabio Nicoli (Head of the Planning Department), our architects Federico J. Scopinich, Davide Caspani, and Pier Paolo Hurle explained the strategic vision for enhancing the landscape and open spaces of the municipality.

The audience could learn about our strategy to improve public spaces and green areas to build a climate-resilient Massagno and explore how the enhancement of public and green spaces directly impacts the quality of life. It was an occasion to stimulate the citizens to join the conversation on planning attractive and connected neighbourhoods.

Creating quality open spaces is not just an aesthetic matter: it’s about enhancing the social, environmental, and economic aspects of a place for better livability.

Here you can find LAND’s “Strategia comunale di valorizzazione del paesaggio e degli spazi aperti” to delve deeper into our proposal (in Italian only)

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