Masterplan for the Regi Lagni Area

Da Terra dei Fuochi a Giardini d'Europa - Masterplan signed by LAND for the Regi Lagni Area presented today in Naples

Today, the Masterplan for the Regi Lagni project was unveiled. This crucial document, signed by Andreas Kipar and financed through the CIS – Institutional Development Contract, marks a significant step towards environmental regeneration in Campania. The event was attended by notable figures, including President Vincenzo De Luca, the Extraordinary Commissioner of the Volturno Land Reclamation Consortium, Francesco Todisco, and Councillor for Territorial Government, Bruno Discepolo. Representing LAND were Matteo Pedaso and Karoline Fischer.

Campania, renowned for its stunning landscapes, is poised to transform these areas from merely being protected to becoming active participants in territorial regeneration. The focus is especially on regions needing the most environmental attention.

The Regi Lagni area, known historically for its canals dating back to the Spanish viceroyalty of the 17th century, faces significant environmental challenges. The canals, extending over 56 km and draining an area of about 1,200 km2, are polluted and degraded, impacting over 1.5 million residents. This region, afflicted by the infamous ‘Land of Fires’ due to illegal waste burning, is in dire need of ecological restoration.

The project proposes a transformative approach, converting the need for hydraulic remediation into creating a new ecological network spanning from the sea to the inland mountains. This green and blue infrastructure will consist of a linear park with trails and bike paths along the canals, enhancing water quality, boosting climate resilience, and promoting biodiversity.

Moreover, the canals will transition from being barriers and degraded zones into vibrant ecological corridors linking urban centres. This network will also highlight Campania’s historical, architectural, and agricultural richness, redefining it as a productive landscape within a European context.

President De Luca emphasised the importance of community involvement in such transformative projects, reflecting a collective commitment to sustainable development and ecological stewardship in Campania.

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