LAND Consulting Canada Inc. to foster the Green Attitude

LAND Consulting Canada Inc., led by Andreas Kipar, has opened its doors in Toronto/Ontario to share LAND’s vision and innovative approach paving the way for a sustainable development, that embodies our mission of 'Reconnecting People with Nature.'

With the establishment of LAND Consulting Canada Inc., LAND’s expansion continues. Following the Vienna office’s successful launch earlier this year, the company is now making its mark in Canada. Valeria Pagliaro, who has already resided and worked in Canada for years, officially assumes the role of General Manager, drawing on her experience as Senior Director and Partner of LAND Italia.

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring the innovation and experience of the LAND studio to Canada, fostering a global exchange of knowledge that promotes international cooperation and local action,” shares Valeria Pagliaro, expressing her vision for the future. “In this era of rapid climate change and global risks, I’m more motivated than ever to care for my host territory, listening and learning from indigenous peoples and their unique bond with nature and stewardship.”

LAND’s connection with Canada spans five years and is marked by significant achievements. In 2018, LAND, leading a consortium of companies (Table Architecture, Civiliti, and Biodiversité Conseil), triumphed in a multidisciplinary architecture competition, creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent. This prestigious project received accolades, including the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) Award of Excellence and the Special Jury Prize in the Sustainable Development category at the National Urban Design Award 2020.

Canada has long felt the impact of climate change, and LAND’s design approach, honed through over 30 years of planning and consulting, actively promotes climate resilience and biodiversity. The aim is to provide proposals that allow people to enjoy and benefit from their surroundings. “Especially since the pandemic, we’ve recognized the deep need for nature. We’re reimagining urban and productive landscapes, breaking free from sealed surfaces in cities and expanding the concept of public space,” explains Andreas Kipar, co-founder and CEO LAND, reflecting on the current landscape awareness influencing various industries.

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