Future Readiness – LAND at Human Capability Initiative (HCI)

Andreas Kipar, Jens Hoffmann and Hans Gunter Klein, who brings many years of Middle Eastern and international cultural experience, are present at the groundbreaking Human Capability Initiative (HCI), taking place on February 28 and 29 in Riyadh, KSA.

HCI marks the inaugural global platform dedicated to advancing human capabilities, uniting international efforts and fostering dialogue on critical challenges and opportunities in skill development, the future of work, education, talent, and technology.

Under the theme of Future Readiness, HCI spans two dynamic days, featuring over 60 sessions with 150+ speakers from diverse sectors, including policy, corporate, investment, and academia. We join global leaders and experts to delve into critical topics such as Unleashing Our Potential, Catalyzing International Collaboration, and Maximizing Resilience – all topics we approach in our daily business while #reconnectingpeoplewithnature and shaping the urban and rural landscapes, even under extreme conditions.

We are happy to meet like-minded people because we’ll soon open LAND MENA in Riyadh and are seeking talents to help translate our mission and vision.

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