Andreas Kipar and Vercelli Mayor Corsaro depaving the boulevard

Let’s break it up, Vercelli!

Vercelli prepares for green transformation! Last Thursday, 12 October, the mayor, Andrea Corsaro and the director of the Territorial Development Sector, Liliana Patriarca, together with Andreas Kipar and director Ilaria Congia, kicked off the landscaping of Viale Garibaldi.

The important gesture represents the first stage of the path that will gradually change the face of the Piedmontese city by 2030: with the start of the works yesterday, it officially begins the urban redevelopment project in the name of greenery aimed at enhancing Vercelli and improving the quality of life of its people.

With a scenic and telescopic effect, citizens and visitors will enter the city from the train station along a new Viale Garibaldi, bound to become a pedestrian axis with draining soil guaranteeing more space for pedestrians, doubled benches and different species of plants and trees, including 21 pomegranates as a sign of good luck.

“Today, we are not laying a foundation stone or planting a new tree, but breaking the asphalt,” said landscape architect Andreas Kipar. “It is both a symbolic day and act: Vercelli represents a model for its urban and territorial regeneration plan and presents itself as a city of breath and fertility. To make humans breathe, we must give breath to the new Nature. This is why we are breaking the asphalt: we are giving more space to the citizens of Vercelli so that they can have a ‘linear garden’: an avenue one kilometre long and over seven meters wide, a ‘colourful living room’ that can be enjoyed by all and which will have Nature at its centre”.

The hope is that Vercelli, a concrete example of a “living laboratory” in the name of greenery, can soon be followed by other municipalities in Italy and abroad.

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