Artistic render of Lauffenmuehle project by LAND

Competition Urban Fabric Lauffenmühle Lörrach

In team with Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH, Bollinger+Grohmann, Georg Zeleny, Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH, LAND Austria has achieved fourth place in the Lauffenmühle urban development and open space planning competition in Lörrach, Germany.

By 2028, the former Lauffenmühle textile company site on the border of the Brombach and Haagen districts will be home to a flagship industrial estate. The city of Lörrach acquired the site in 2020 thanks to financial support from the state’s urban development programme and is planning Germany’s first climate-neutral industrial estate in timber construction.

The conclusion of the urban planning and open space planning competition for the Lauffenmühle industrial estate is another milestone in the city of Lörrach’s flagship project. The city launched the urban planning and open space realisation competition, from which 14 project designs and models have now been submitted. The jury met on Friday, 1 March 2022 and selected the winning design.

While we extend our heartfelt congratulations to ASTOC architects and planners GmbH Cologne/Karlsruhe with Henning Larsen GmbH, Überlingen, for securing the first prize, we seize this opportunity to delve into the details of our green design proposal, titled “URBAN FABRIC Lörrach.”

Our proposal uniquely integrates production and service functions with essential elements of sustainability such as community engagement, climate resilience, biodiversity, and efficient water management. The envisioned design includes:

  • A climate axis designed for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, featuring pocket parks and rest areas for relaxation and social interaction.
  • A climate forest, serving as a natural partition between commercial and residential zones, enhancing the area’s ecological balance.
  • A climate web that interlinks the axis and forest with blue-green alleys, fostering an interconnected and sustainable urban environment.

This proposal reflects our commitment to innovating urban landscapes by prioritizing environmental sustainability and community well-being.

Project team: Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH, Bollinger+Grohmann, Georg Zeleny, Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH, LAND Austria

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