The Swiss Rhine Tunnel, Dreirosenanlage in Kleinbasel

The construction of the Rhine tunnel planned by the Swiss government will occupy large parts of the Dreirosenanlage in Kleinbasel for around ten years. The proposal by Team LAND, ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH for the test planning convened by the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Federal Roads Office FEDRO is "Everyone wins at all times ".

The Dreirosenanlage is an essential social, open and green space for Kleinbasel. In a so-called test planning, the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Federal Roads Office ASTRA have explored the alternatives regarding the neighbourhood before, during and after the construction of the Rhine Tunnel. These options can only be implemented and further developed with all the concerned partners.

In addition to LAND and ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH, two other teams participated in the test planning: bbz landschaftsarchitekten, Salewski & Kretz Architekten, Büro Dudler Raum- und Verkehrsplanung and META Landschaftsarchitektur, SAGA Salome Gutscher Architektur, Basler Hofmann.

Our proposal is a response to the significant challenge of a decade-long construction site. It is based on the strategy of ‘Alle gewinnen zu jeder Zeit’ (Everyone wins at all times), a collaborative approach that ensures the project’s success and benefits all stakeholders.

Our concept is not just a static design, but a dynamic project that evolves during the construction phases. The core objective is to create high-quality open spaces that are compatible with the construction site, catering to the needs of the public and the surrounding neighbourhoods (Klybeck and Mätthaus) at every stage of the project.

Since the construction site will occupy a large part of the existing Dreirosenpark during the phases, the project, as a first strategy, aims to recover the open spaces along the river (which are not accessible and used today). For this reason, we try to compensate for the loss of the green area of the Dreirosenpark with a generous Uferpark (embankment park), extending the existing promenade along the Rhine. The area will be integrated into the park once the construction site finishes.

The ideas and target concepts from the test planning will undergo variance procedures, coordinated with the planning law measures envisaged in klybeckplus and further developed in selective participatory events with the population.

From 23 November to 7 December 2022, the three planning teams’ main ideas will be displayed in the windows of the Dreirosen school building. Visitors can freely view them from the Dreirosen complex.

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