“LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach” in Augsburg awarded third place

Together with Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH, LAND Austria's project “LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach” to redevelop the former industrial area of the Pfersee district in Augsburg, Germany, has won the third price in the architectural competition for "LIA" (Living in Augsburg).

As part of the revitalisation process, the production site of J.N. Eberle & CIE. GmbH in Augsburg-Pfersee will be transformed into a new sustainable and forward-looking urban residential quarter. While the area around the new neighbourhood used to be primarily a commercial location, a structural change has occurred here in recent decades, with a clear focus on residential use.

Green and blue – “LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach”

The competition asked for an urban residential neighbourhood in Augsburg-Pfersee on the former production site. The project should focus on renewable energies and the use of green electricity. Around 550 residential units will be built on a site area of around 35,500 square metres, of which around 32,300 square metres are privately financed and 13,800 square metres are socially subsidised.

On Wednesday 8 May, the developer, CG Elementum AG, has presented the three best designs from the architectural competition for the “LIA” project in Augsburg. A 15-member jury of experts selected the winning design from the nine submitted designs with a clear vote, ours – proposed with Austrian architectural office Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH – being awarded third place.

Regarding the project “LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach” (LIA – Living and Working at the Mühl-Hettenbach Canal) we proposed with Austrian architectural office Albert Wimmer ZT GmbH, the jury of the competition “LIA-Living in Augsburg” has stated as follows in its official protocol:

“The new quarter honors the industrial character of the location and, through well-proportioned development spaces and open space structures, integrates the new urban block. The work represents a thoughtful and promising contribution to the metamorphosis of this historic industrial quarter into a lively and urban residential and working district.”

Layout of our proposal “LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach”

Our vision for an attractive and sustainable residential district draws inspiration from the rediscovery of the territory’s historical and natural identity. We envision a vibrant and green neighbourhood with a thriving urban landscape, which aims to create a larger residential network in harmony with the environment.

From May 8 to May 17, in the pop-up store “Zwischenzeit 2.0” in Augsburg city centre (Annastr. 16, 86150 Augsburg), you will have the opportunity to view the competition designs and the winning design every day from 10:00 to 18:00 (except on public holidays and Sundays).

Industrial heritage and community – “LIA – Wohnen und Arbeiten am Mühl-Hettenbach”

Congratulations to the winning team, asp Architekten GmbH, for presenting the most promising project! And, of course, special thanks to the team for this great collaboration: Georg Zeleny and Ingenieurbüro Lakata GmbH.

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