Jan-Wellem-Förderschule in Düsseldorf – Teaching children to reconnect with nature and landscape

LAND designed the resilient and climate-proof green spaces and outdoor facilities for the Jan-Wellem-Förderschule on Heerstraße in Düsseldorf, so children can reconnect with nature.

The Jan-Wellem-Förderschule on Heerstraße opened in Düsseldorf on Friday, October 21st, with premises for around 360 pupils. In addition to the two freshly renovated buildings, including newly designed outdoor facilities, the new location includes an OGS and refectory area and a triple sports hall.

The school site has a long history: the building erected as a primary school in the 19th century has now been completely renovated and serves as a school for children with special needs. The landscape, i.e., the outdoor facilities and open spaces, is essential  in upgrading the historic building ensemble.

Jan-Wellem-Förderschule, Düsseldorf, outdoor facilities

The southern part of the outdoor area facing Heerstrasse now serves exclusively as an entrance area, break yard and play area with a small sports field and climbing frames. Lowering the playing field, the area can serve as a rainwater catchment basin during heavy rainfall events. Plane trees provide shade. The space with access from Mindener Straße is an open space with parking for the sports hall and for supplying the kitchen and cafeteria. The experience of the pupils extends to the outdoors because there is an outdoor classroom between the school and the sports hall, allowing the children to get even closer to nature.

Jan-Wellem-Förderschule, Sketch by Laurent Großklaus

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