Tina Kolahdooz

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She is a dynamic landscape architect based in Germany, dedicated to shaping sustainable and lively urban environments. Specializing in projects and competitions, Tina brings a holistic approach to design that integrates eco-friendly principles and a commitment to community well-being. By strategically incorporating lush greenery, especially trees, she aims to enhance the vitality of cities while promoting biodiversity and ecological balance. Collaborating with a talented and sustainability-minded staff, they consistently strive to push the boundaries of innovation in their designs. Engaging in various projects and competitions allows her to showcase her passion for creating dynamic, aesthetically pleasing landscapes that not only meet client needs but also contribute to the broader goal of building resilient, people-centric urban spaces.

Tina Kolahdooz has been Involved in these projects

LAND Germany competition design for Schillerplatz in Iserlohn, section

Schillerplatz, Iserlohn

Schillerplatz, Iserlohn