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Nature-based solutions and  green infrastructures include a whole variety of green spaces, and furthermore water and various environmental systems in and around urban areas. LAND Italia, LAND Germany and LAND Suisse promote a high water sensitive design, based on efficient water management that foster the creation of wet ecosystems.



Interpreting nature respecting its delicate balances

bacini del lura_land

Lura River Retention Basins, Arese (Milan, Italy), 2013 – ongoing

  • Client: Consorzio Parco del Lura
  • Partner: ATP, Etatec Paoletti
  • Service: Strategic definition, concept, developed and technical design, construction
  • Area size: 13 ha
  • Team: Giorgia Borrelli, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi, Giorgio Dal Pozzo, Chiara Fani, Caterina Gerolimetto, Andreas Kipar, Matteo Pedaso

Milan’s metropolitan region is affected by severe flooding during heavy rain events because of the high sealing rate of urban areas and increasing effects of climate change. Among several measures planned by the regional government there is a wide retention area that has been planned as flood control device, which also creates high quality natural areas and reconnects slow-mobility routes and recreational spaces inside the Lura Valley park. The project consists of the implementation of two rolling basins connected by an open air ditch and a pond filled with ground water. The basins will be temporarely flooded by Lura river during intense rainy periods through natural inlet from the river bed, whilst thepond will recharge constantly the ditch to maintain wetland vegetation all over the year to guarantee its phytodepuration functions. The balance of ground movements within the project is null as the volumes excavated are reused to create mounds and dikes. Wide areas of the river banks and plains have been upgraded through afforestation with native species.

Cassarate River Park

Cassarate River Park, Lugano (Switzerland), 2005 - ongoing

  • Client: Canton Ticino
  • Area size: 80 ha
  • Team: Caterina Gerolimetto, Chiara Fani, Andreas Kipar, Matteo Pedaso, Giovanna Rapisarda, Federico Scopinich

This project offered a unique opportunity to redesign the riverbanks of the Cassarate river, which needed work to be conducted for the hydraulic arrangement of the bank. It gave us a chance to rethink the river from the point of view of the landscape, making it a new centrality by reactivating the descents to the river.

The project identifies a continuous route with descents to the river and tries to combine all of the different requirements and demands. It was essential to create more direct relations between the river and the city’s urban system and fulfill the need of being able to walk at water level. The work that has been conducted resulted in a project for the whole route as well as an abacus summary list of all the typological solutions proposed. The final result is useful to the public administration and to private investors.


River Park (Competition), Moscow (Russia), 2015

  • International Competition: 3rd place
  • Client: Rechnikov invest
  • Partner: Thomas Schoenauer 
  • Team: Patricia Aute, Letizia Corino, Roberta Filippini, Elisa Frappi, Andreas Kipar, Marina Polets, Cecilia Ricci 

The River Park urban quarter is a new residential area with a unique design for relaxation and activity. Placed on the precious embankment of the Moscow River, the complex offers access to water sports and a yacht school. It includes recreational areas, green parks, promenades, public spaces as well as residential units, all in the same framework.

The concept of the project called New Rhythm divides the different functional zones by shape, following different rhythms of movements. This diversification of zones gives the opportunity to relax, have fun, learn and spend free time in the best way possible inside the exclusive River Park urban quarter.


Seveso River Park 2025+, Milan (Italy), 2015 - ongoing

  • Client: CAP Holding Spa
  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Andrea Balestrini, Martina Erba, Andreas Kipar, Raffaele Orrù, Eleonora Pasino, Matteo Pedaso, Ilaria Sangaletti 

Seveso River Valley is one of the most urbanized and industrialized areas in Europe. Intense urban sprawl and uncontrolled industrial drains caused a severe pollution of the river and a dramatic reduction of its basin, worsening the effects of climate change. Seveso River Park 2025+ is a strategic landscape strategy that aims to give a general framework to several site-specific actions already implemented in the area. It is important to particularly develop and promote sustainable drainage measures to reduce the flood risk and create a more resilient urban landscape. The project for the retention of the basins of the river are applications of this integrated approach and an opportunity to enhance the landscape, value of the river and its surroundings.

More projects: Lugano CH, Cassarate Lotto 1; Torino IT, Meisino Park; Varese IT, Olona River spring redevelopment.