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Urban planning solutions: bridges between the city and the nature

Urban development provides the opportunity to collectively reimagine public spaces, turning them into inspirational areas at the heart of a community with a holistic approach. LAND Italia, LAND Germany and LAND Suisse promote collaborative processes by which our public realm is shaped and its shared value maximized. From neighbourhoods to farmlands, our LAND teams highly respect nature with all the peculiar features of a territory, striving to create a strong iconic identity.


Urban development

Designing livable spaces through collaborative innovation


PRU Novello, Cesena (Italy), 2006 - ongoing

  • Clients: Municipality of Cesena, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti e Fabrica Immobiliare SGR.

  • Partners: Studio GAP Associati, Bruno Gabrielli, Benedetto Camerana, Hermann Kohlloffel, Jacobs Italia Spa

  • Services: Strategic planning, Feasibility study, Preliminary planning, Construction project, Execution planning, Execution

  • Area size: 27 ha which division 1A: 8,5 ha , Parco Novello: 6 ha

  • Team: Shirly Mantin, Luisa Bellini, Valerio Bozzoli, Valeria Pagliaro, Claudia Grassi, Giuseppe Anastasi, Mauro Panigo, Leonardo Oprandi, Nicola Canepa, Davide Dong Sub Bertin

A urban regeneration project where landscape plays a leading role in rethinking and redefining the entire neighborhoods. Starting from the relation between fullness and emptiness of architectures and urban areas, between public and private spaces and from the needs of the sharing society, the project aims to weave and mend relationships with the urban fabric, creating a new gate for the city of Cesena.

The first phase was the international competition (2006): with 90 offers received, and after two years of selection, the project was the winner. The first phase of construction of the urban development project is the urban park, even before the new residential sectors. The new green spaces are intended as multifunctional public areas, highly connected by existing infrastructures where to spend free time.

The city of Cesena has a new public park of 6 hectares, with more than 1.300 new trees, more than 2 km of new connected cycle paths, two playgrounds for different targets, two fitness areas and one basketball court.

ECOTechGREEN Award (2).jpg

New Cagliari Stadium, Cagliari (Italy), 2018

  • Client: Sportium

  • Partners: Progetto PCMR, Manica Architecture

  • Service: Landscape Masterplan

  • Area size: 2.5 ha

  • Award: ECOTechGREEN Award “Iconic Landscape”

  • Team: Valeria Pagliaro, Stefano Roman, Roberta Filippini, Cecilia Ricci, Francesca Villa

The public space, like a natural cliff, grows from the mineral square up to the roof garden embracing the stadium in a unique urban garden with some privileged view spots across the sea.

The garden is the common thread between the new intervention and the historical city. It becomes a space for reconciliation where citizens can be surrounded by familiar Mediterranean scrubland.

Porta Nova Milano.jpg

Porta Nuova, Milan (Italy), 2006 - 2016

  • Client: Hines Italia SGR S.p.a.

  • Partner: Aecom

  • Services: Strategic Definition, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Construction, Handover and Close Out

  • Area size: 29 ha

  • Award: Piazza Gae Aulenti received the Award 2016 from the Landscape Institute in the category 'medium-scale development'

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala, Anna Brambilla, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi, Elisa Frappi, Giuliano Garello, Gianluca Lugli, Ivan Maestri, Simone Marelli, Valeria Pagliaro, Ugo Perillo, Adriana Pinate, Cecilia Pirani

Porta Nuova is the biggest urban redevelopment project ever carried out in the heart of Milan. The project extends over three neighborhoods (Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola) and involves a 290,000 m² brownfield site which has been deteriorating for over 50 years.

The landscape design is focused on the creation of a large park and extends to the design of both hardscape and softscape for the inner courts and the main pathways.

The project promotes a vision about sustainability tackling urban, infrastructural and environmental issues.

The redevelopment of Porta Nuova is considered as the natural expansion of the existing neighborhoods and aims to interrelate the history and identity of each of them. This goal has been achieved through the upgrading of the public realm by the implementation of high quality public spaces, new squares, pedestrian paths and public gardens.

In this way the area is no longer a connection among the three zones, but it also becomes a destination in itself and a meeting point for the inhabitants of Milan.

expo 2020 dubai land

Expo 2020 Dubai, (UAE), 2015 - ongoing

  • Clients: Hopkins Architects for EX20, Bureau International des Expositions

  • Services: Concept design, Schematic design, Detailed design, Technical Design, Issue for tender, Issue for construction

  • Area size: 6,5 ha

  • Award: ECOTechGREEN Award “Iconic Landscape”

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giulia Bonisoli, Ilaria Congia, Georgia Karsioti, Sebastiano Mazzaggio, Marina Polets, Stefano Roman

The Thematic Districts are an integral part of the Expo 2020 Dubai site that comprise 86 permanent buildings spread over three separate ‘petals’. Each of the three petals is given a unique and memorable character, portrayed through different geometry, landscaping and colours to reflect the three main Expo 2020 Dubai themes: Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability.

The design is characterized by a series of tree-lined, self-shaded, human scaled streets, with a variety of different sized and themed courtyard spaces. A central spine runs through each District creating special places with water features, event stages, activity areas and exciting rest places, clustered underneath a series of elegant shade structures. 

The project has been designed to achieve LEED Gold and will be repurposed in legacy mode to create a campus of buildings, each inter-connected via bridge links that overlook landscaped spaces, offering a district for innovative startups and tech companies.

> Official website: Expo 2020 Dubai


Stadium in Rome Tor di Valle, Rome (Italy), 2014 - ongoing

  • Clients: Eurnova srl , Stadio della Roma spa

  • Partners: MEIS Architects, Studio Libeskind, RTKL

  • Services: Strategic Definition, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design

  • Area size: 180 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala, Federico Bressanelli, Chiara Fani, Federica Fantoli, Lara Fraccadori, Sara Gangemi, Tommaso Lorenzetti, Ivan Maestri, Sebastiano Mazzaggio, Valeria Pagliaro, Francesco Prete, Francesco Roesler, Ilaria Sangaletti, Giulia Tettamanzi, Gabriele Vitale

LAND was involved at different levels of the design process, including the master planning and coordination of the project teams. It provided landscape design for all the public parks, infrastructural mitigations and private areas across almost 180 hectares. Furthermore, detailed design included paving, outdoor furniture, greenery and drainage.

Careful land management and strategic spatial planning are crucial to this large urban transformation and to ensure a greener infrastructure. It provides an opportunity for the enhancement of a public hub and for a new synergy between the now fragmented landscapes of the river Tiber and the agro romano. With Stadio della Roma Tor di Valle, we are ambitiously turning an issue into a potential, by creating a new identity for this area.

The result will guarantee the best permeability and continuity of open spaces. It will create pedestrian paths with sight perspective effects while maintaining the visibility of buildings facades and creating punctual highlights with trees and river terraces. The layout provides a continuity of green areas, including links between different levels, in order to improve their quality and function and to achieve a minimal height.


Die Welle, Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 2014 - 2016

  • Clients: Die Welle 1 and 3 Frankfurt Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, c/o AXA Investment Managers Deutschland GmbH

  • Partners: Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart / Schneider + Schumacher Architects, Frankfurt am Main

  • Services: Strategic Definition, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Construction, Handover and Close Out

  • Area size: 2.5 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Susanne Gombert, Kornelia Keil, Dirk Nagel

The design concept for Welle Frankfurt creates a holistic space body, which can be experienced throughout the Wellenpark in a new, sophisticated identity that exists within the building ensemble.

The planning area is situated within a unique urban location in the immediate vicinity of the Old Opera House and close proximity to the city center. To actively counteract the current isolation of the inner zone, it is important to redesign the connections to the surrounding open spaces. Die Welle is seen as part of an urban complex, which extends beyond the area and is located in an all-around relation to its surroundings.

With the conceptual fusion of selected materials, shapes and uses, the open air design creates an atmosphere of dynamics between density and expanse, creating a design in which the new open space zoning 'Glory', 'Joy' and 'Chill' can be experienced as a matter of course. As a symbol of the dynamism and the international design and perception standard, the wave park flows through the inner space like an urban, green landscape.


Bicocca, Milan (Italy), 1994 - 2010


  • Partner: Gregotti Associati

  • Services: Strategic Definition, Preparation and Brief, Concept Design, Developed Design, Technical Design, Construction, Handover and Close Out

  • Area size: 68 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi, Luisa Bellini, Mauro Panigo

The Bicocca intervention began in 1994 in the North-East of Milan, covering a total area of 680,000sqm. During most of the XX century, this area hosted the Pirelli factory.

The new open space design is based on a structure of squares and gardens.They build a sequence of public spaces which represent the completion and at the same time a new interpretation of the orthogonal layout of the industrial settlement.

A new tree-lined axis connects the city to a substantial amount of new public spaces. Collina dei Ciliegi (Cherry Tree Hill), built on the site of the former Pirelli plant, is one of these spaces, providing a viewpoint to the city and to the mountains of Lombardy. The hill also overlooks the Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo (New University Square), where the new campus of the Statale University has settled. Situated next to it is a wide square facing the Arcimboldi theatre, connecting to the green spaces of the Esplanade and the roof and neighbourhood gardens along the side streets.

Ex manifattura tabacchi Napoli_1.jpg

Ex Manifattura Tabacchi Napoli, Naples (Italy), 2014

  • Client: Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Immobiliare

  • Partner: MCA Architects

  • Services: Landscape design concept, Master planning & PUA phase support and Developed Design

  • Area size: 16,5 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Anna Brambilla, Sebastiano Mazzaggio, Valeria Pagliaro, Giulia Tettamanzi

The area of the former Tobacco Factory in Naples is part of the wider intervention of the redevelopment of the East part of the city. The main theme is the construction of an urban centre and a new landscaped environment, based on the pre-existing elements of the factory, its infrastructures and its surroundings.

Here the landscape plays the role of connecting the site to the city through the construction of a large linear public space: the promenade. This promenade is a green and pedestrian axis, a space for social interaction where the main activities of public interest, shopping and residential are located.


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