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Smart Digital Landscape



LAND today

The BIM for landscape

Everyone now talks about BIM, (Building Information Modelling) and we all know that it is a tool that is revolutionizing not only our way of planning, but also our way of living the future in our urban centers, in our urban landscapes and especially in our public spaces.

For this reason, LAND inserts the dynamism of nature, that in itself doesn’t know anything about this static of building, in the BIM process ?.

This system requires and knows how to measure the benefits of nature based solutions. Solutions based on Nature and able to work with Nature. An information system of nature-based solutions which leads us to reflect, especially talking about climate change and shared society, how citizens express themselves towards a new urban nature. All this is aimed to a society that needs more and more new livable spaces, in order to share them not only with ourselves, but also with nature.

LAND in the world

International projects

LAND currently applies BIM methodology on worldwide projects. From EXPO Dubai 2020, a global event completely developed with this methodology, passing through Germany and the SPC LIDL Campus project, Switzerland with the project for the new hospital in Lachen, to Russia with 210 hectares parks and other public areas in the Smart City Moscow area in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye and the Moskva River.

In Milan, LAND applied the BIM methodology to the project of a large multifunctional theme park developed on the EXPO 2015 site, and the potential of the LIM® to the Porta Nuova urban regeneration project.

LAND in the future

LIM® - Landscape Information Modeling by LAND

The need to simulate and prevent the effects of our landscape projects over time has led LAND to develop a new methodology, the LIM® (Landscape Information Modeling).

Starting from the results of the test on Porta Nuova project, it’s clear that this method helps us to revolutionize the way we design urban landscapes as well as the advantages for the designers and those for the clients.

One of the first issues is the importance of information. A well-cared database of information helps us to create new parameters for the control of the project and processes, but the real challenge is to choose properly the information that we need.

Some aspects on which the LIM® is focused on are:

• air quality improvements: how to calculate the absorption average of polluting substances.

• environmental comfort improvements: parametric environmental analysis, solar analysis, temperature control, avoid heat island effect.

• improvements in the use of water resources: parametric estimation of water requirements in different scenarios.

• management and simulation of growth of the landscape and analysis of environmental benefits.

All these aspects are closely linked to economic evaluations and cost control, sustainability, facility management and the representation of different scenarios of the landscape project quickly and easily.

LIM® responds to the challenges of our time, as a sharing society that reconnects people with nature, and perhaps, in the future, could also include parameters related to the happiness of the people who use the spaces designed by LAND.

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