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TRT_Productive Landscape

Productive Landscape



LAND today

 "The future is in the countryside". Starting from this quote by Rem Koolhaas, we asked ourselves what the frontiers of transformation are nowadays. We wondered what production landscape means and where we can find it. During the discussion, it emerged how productive landscape is not only in the countryside, but also in the city and its suburbs, as the landscape is able to produce ecosystem benefits.

LAND in the world

The paradigm shift we are witnessing in LAND does not assimilate the quality of the landscape to its inactivity; the quality landscape is where it produces more and better, where beauty and wellness are produced both for Nature and People. Attention shifts from nature to the relationship between Man and Nature, that is between Culture and Nature.

LAND in the future

Productive landscape is divided into 4 components:

-       Soil

-       Water

-       Greenery

-       People

It is important to underline how, in addition to the identification of the actions for each element, it is essential to work on their modulation, adaptation and distribution in relation to the concrete characteristics of the project site. This is fundamental to maximize precisely the positive effects: biodiversity and the ecosystem services connected to it feed on environmental heterogeneity. Multiplying the possible combinations of environmental factors will lead to the creation of an extremely diversified pattern of habitats alternated between them and connected in a functional key.       

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