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TRT_Nature Based Solutions

Nature Based Solutions



LAND today

Nature in the city

In the Anthropocene urban areas became biodiversity hotspots  because of the variety and concentration of vegetation that humans introduced. New habitats have been created: right there nature is adapting to new conditions, and so are citizens. Nature is acquiring a strategic role in the cities’ agendas and in the debates over future urban development both for the ecosystem services it provides and for the social impact it delivers.

Maintenance of green spaces

More nature means more maintenance. A crucial debate is whether new green areas in the city are only an additional cost both for public and private investors or indeed they produce significant revenues., it is necessary to rethink the life cycle of green spaces and to include a medium-long term planning in their design phase, in order to avoid unsustainable maintenance costs.

 A win-win condition

Improving landscaped areas in new projects responds to the overall expectations of the citizens, but also requires the backing of investors. A major challenge consists in engaging them to plan and build “Landscape first”, in order to rise consensus, but also to facilitate the development process of projects.

LAND in the world

Landscape is appealing

Nature is a reliable tool to boost our projects as landscape became a trend topic in our cities. Landscape makes everybody happy, mitigates challenges and creates a debate platform for our urban societies. Landscape makes cities more livable and contributes to increasing market values of real estate. Many investors reckon such potential and are more and more oriented to invest in green areas.

NBS as driver for urban efficiency

NBS are natural solutions planned and deployed to address specific societal challenges and thus to deliver environmental, economic and social benefits. Their performance is proofed to help cities in managing climate change effects.

LAND in the future

We need numbers

We need a more robust evidence to support the choice of NBS in our projects. We have reference indicators and we can calculate some of them. An improvement of LIM is needed to deliver more convincing outputs to our clients. There are still limits to NBS implementation in cities: we should not focus only on investment costs but rather on revenues and benefits, for example money saved thanks to NBS.

Designing resilient landscapes

Climate change, economic trends and changes of socio-political conditions are forcing citizens, professionals and cities to change their approach to public spaces and green areas. Open spaces are nowadays required to be as efficient as the innovative buildings they share the space with. We are called to bring innovation and flexibility in our projects to face future challenges and uncertainty.

Reconnecting people with nature

Our mission is reconnecting people with nature: in  our project we strive to highlight inclusiveness, togetherness and democracy to create more livable cities.

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