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TRT_From Design To Execution

From Design to Execution



LAND today

Catering to the entire process from design to construction

Throughout all the offices the group has been developing over the last years to build teams for design and for bringing in more technical experience.  This enables us to cater to the entire process a project encompasses. Yet, we are facing many challenges in the projects, which leads to a need to improve the quality of internal dialogue and exchange of information between the respective teams focused on design and technical drawings. This need has to be addressed and improved to make future projects easier and more concise. We are already strong at developing a design language which is robust to changes and challenges occurring throughout this process.

Holistic approach to projects

We are now starting to develop a holistic approach to our projects, which means to think about costs and feasibility in the project’s early stages. An awareness of the implications of each shape and line drawn needs to be developed and cultivated further in the entire group.

Awareness of the audience

While there is a great amount of skills when it comes to tailoring plans and presentations for our clients, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about the demands on plans and drawings in the project’s later stages.

In our perspective, the exchange between technical and design teams can also close this gap. In general, we need a larger awareness about the audience who is receiving the drawing and about our intention embedded in the plan or presentation.

LAND in the world

Group as asset

In our perception, the group is a huge asset to be used by each office. Each employee brings his/her own background and experience (sometimes from an international context) into this pool of knowledge that anyone in the group can tap into. This brings the possibility to create synergies, exchange and inspiration to constantly improve and move further into the direction of our common goal: to reconnect people with nature.

International projects

With projects being planned and built not only in a European but also in a fully international context, there is much to learn from these first processes.

The contextual specifics of climate culture, availability of materials and the differences in the local state of the art when it comes to construction are new to us and create knowledge we can draw on for future projects .

LAND in the future

Interdisciplinary exchange

LAND Italia has already implemented an event series called ‘Lunch & Learn’, in which sales representatives of suppliers of different materials are invited to do a keynote on their products and to show the ways in which they can be used.

This initiative could also be implemented in the German and Swiss office to close the gap between design and technical detailing.


BIM is becoming a daily tool in all the offices and will require more technical knowledge and awareness of material specifics as well as costs in project’s early stages.

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