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A passionate team of experts, from architecture to agronomy

LAND Italia, LAND Germany e LAND Suisse can count on a solid network of experts, from landscape and architecture design, to agronomists highly specialized in green-fields planning and protection of nature, promoting energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, urban regeneration and environmental evaluation.


Our LAND team



Andreas Kipar (Landscape Architect) and Giovanni Sala (Agronomist), Founding Members

Domenico Bellotti, CFO/Financial Director
Francesca Fiore, Reception & Administration
Alessandra Norimberti, Administration
Stefania Raimondi, Administration
Sandy Schott, Personal Assistant to Andreas Kipar

Marketing & Communication
Silvia Impagliatelli, Marketing & Communication

LAND Italia Srl

Andreas Kipar, CEO, President and Technical Director
Luisa Bellini, COO / General Manager and Partner (Architect)
Valeria Pagliaro, Urban Landscape Design Director and Partner (Architect)
Matteo Pedaso, Strategic Planning Director and Partner (Urban Planner)
Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi, Agro-Environmental Management Director and Partner (Agronomist)
Andrea Occhetti, Landscape Design & Construction Director (Landscape Architect)
Shirly Mantin, Landscape Design & Infrastucture Director (Architect)

Mara Airoldi (Landscape Architect), Martina Atanasovska (Urban Planner), Andrea Balestrini (Landscape Architect), Federico Bressanelli (Architect), Valentina Colonnesi (Architect), Ilaria Congia (Architect), Giulia Crotti (Architect), Martina Erba (Architect), Roberta Filippini (Architect), Aurora Fleres (Landscape Architect), Lara Fraccadori (Architect), Galgani Gianna (Landscape Architect), Claudia Grassi (Urban Planner), Tommaso Lorenzetti (Architect), Laura Mantegazza (Landscape Architect), Marta Milano (Architect, BIM Specialist), Margherita Pascucci (Architect), Federica Pavanello (Landscape Architect), Lisa Perego (Architect), Cecilia Ricci (Architect), Stefano Roman (Landscape Architect), Mirco Santi (Architect), Alexandra Stepanova (Architect), Giulia Tettamanzi (Architect and Ph.D. in Landscape Design), Francesca Villa (Architect), Susanna Vissani (Architect).

LAND Suisse Sagl

Andreas Kipar, CEO, President and Technical Director
Federico Scopinich, COO / General Manager (Landscape Architect)
Frank Holger Fox, Partner
Nicolò Filippo von Wunster, Partner

Martina Conti (Architect), Valentina Del Motto (Architect), Veronica Marzorati (Architect)

LAND Germany GmbH

Andreas Kipar, CEO, President and Technical Director
Susanne Gombert, COO, Urban Planner

Renate Heinbach, Management Assistant and Authorized Signatory
Simone Hegermann, Administration, Accounting

Norbert Busse (Landscape Management), Gisella Birardi (Architect, BIM Specialist), Nadine Calaminus-Tölle (Landscape Architect), Rebecca Dillon-Robinson (M.A. Architecture), Nadja Eck (Urban and Regional Planning), Laurent Großklaus (Landscape Architecture), Roxanne Hornman (Landscape Architect), Kornelia Keil (Landscape Architect), Jonas Lagzdins (Landscape Architecture), Alberto Personè (Construction Draftsman, BIM Specialist), Lisa Schnell (Landscape Architecture), Vadim Tamarov (Free Space Planning), Michael Treutwein (Landscape Architecture), Marius Westphal (Landscape Architecture), Mark van der Woude (Cultural Heritage and Landscape Management)

International Representations

Middle East: Nicoló von Wunster (Manager, Dubai - Milano); USA: Flavia Mornaghi (Architect); Brasil: Carlos von Ysenburg (Architect)