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Conveying identity and offering an inspiring experience through sustainable landscape

LAND Italia, LAND Germany and LAND Suisse support its clients in the definition of a long-term corporate vision, where sustainability, environmental responsibility and landscape play a central role. Every design is based on the careful use of existing resources, materials and the provision of sustainable energy. All these factors equally aim to create healthy working places that encourage social interactions and provide a calming setting.


Corporate & retail

Conveying identity and offering a pleasant experience through the wise use of nature

ca coniani land venezia

Ca’ Corniani Landscape Enhancement, Caorle (Venice, Italy), 2014 - ongoing

  • Client: Genagricola S.p.A.

  • Partners: Thomas Schönauer, Eight Art Project

  • Services: Masterplan and Enhancement Strategy

  • Area size: 1700 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala, Luisa Bellini, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi, Elisa Frappi, Sara Gangemi, Shirly Mantin, Ludovica Rossi, Ilaria Sangaletti

Ca‘ Corniani is the most extensive of all the Genagricola’s 25 agricultural companies. Here, in 1851, Generali began the first and largest reclamtion project by private bodies in the History of Italy. The project for enhancement of the landscape develops the "strategy of reanimation" of the rural territory, integratingthe current flourishing agricultural activity with interventions of extensive quality promotion. The underlying concept is that of cultivating the land not only to guarantee food production respecting nature, but also to care for the rural, historical and environmental heritage associated with countryside. The approach of the landscape project,therefore, aims to enable the identity of the Ca‘ Corniani image to emerge, in continuity with ist history, sparking a process of awareness and openess towards the territory and the community that welcomes it. In the very near future, it will be possible to live the landscape in an aware manner and to increase the wellbeing of the entire territory of Caorle. All this with a view to intelligent, sustainable growth, in full harmony with agricultural productivity.

The project develops on multiple planes: the widespread increase in landscape and ecological quality, together with the creation of a fully equipped network of cycle and pedestrian paths with the rest areas and signage with directions and information, connecting with the surronding territory. The company centre will be enhanced to attract and welcome visitors effectively, so that in the future they will be able to appreciate other upgraded settings, such as the currrently disused fish-farming tanks.

In the area of the accesses, the landscape project by LAND calls for the intelligent introduction of contemporary art as a device (a sort of "agopuncture") to mark and interpret the Thresholds of the future by an Art Competition. Five artists of international renown are invited to conceive site-specific works through a creative process capable of telling the story of stratified territory of Ca‘ Corniani, starting with its resources – nature and agriculture – and ist inhabitants.


Headquarter ThyssenKrupp, Essen (Germany), 2007 - 2010

  • Client: ThyssenKrupp AG represented by Thyssenkrupp Real Estate

  • Partner: JSWD Architekten (Cologne)

  • Services: Lph 1-6, Lph 7-8 for sections

  • Area size: 20 ha

ThyssenKrupp returned to its historic location with the construction of its group headquarters for 2,000 employees in Essen.

In addition to the actual headquarter, a centrally located open plan campus is surrounded by various management companies, a conference centre, a day care centre, a hotel and a management academy. The open space concept reacts to the award-winning design, developed by JSWD architects (Cologne) and Chaix & Morel (Paris), and integrates the site into the already existing plans within the so-called Krupp Belt. The connection between the park and the headquarter is exactly the same via Berthold-Beitz-Boulevard. The campus with the central water axis has been designed in an open way and can be visited by the public. The fast business paths connect the most important points of reference in a direct way. The whole area is contained like a green passe-partout.

nespresso cannes_land suisse

Nespresso Flagship Store, Cannes (France), 2017

  • Client: Nespresso SA

  • Partner: HW Style SrL

  • Service: From concept design to construction

  • Area size: 500 m²

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Federico Scopinich, Martina Conti, Cecilia Ricci

In the Nespresso stores of 2nd generation, Sustainability and Green Theme’s attention, is integrated in a model to be followed and in an innovation technology. n the new flagship stores, the purpose is enhancing the sustainability perception through the presence of greenery and the recreation of the Tropical forest ecosystem. The taste and the coffee aroma are also included in the Landscape Approach Ideology based on: positivity, uniqueness, and authenticity.

This is the atmosphere that LAND Group aims to contribute to the Nespresso Stores of 2nd generation, by linking the richness and the prosperity of a garden to new communication spaces of the coffee brand. The ‘capsule garden’ has been designed as an autenthic experience inside the coffee world. It is friendly, domestic and scalable and it wants to reveal the essence inside the coffee capsule. The Tropical forest gives the visitor a unique sensation. The rays of sunlight are filtered from the tree foliage in a game of sunbeams, recreating an ancestral magical atmosphere.

nike milano land

Nike - The Nature of Motion, Milan (Italy), 2016

  • Client: Satis&fy for Nike European Operation

  • Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Issue For Construction, Tender, Site Construction Supervision, Handover, Dismantling

  • Area size: 2.300 m²

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giulia Bonisoli, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi

  • Award: Best Storytelling MDW2016

For the occasion of Milano Design Week 2016 Nike has organized an exibition: “The Nature of Motion”. The exhibition featured a series of experiments in natural motion that explore the future potential of footwear design. While abstract, the results build on the natural motion principles of the latest expression of Nike: the NikeLab Free RN Motion Flyknit.

LAND has developed the concept for a modular installation made of more than 100 ottahedrons, such as the soles of new shoes, but bringing these technological forms to nature through a moss coat. This solid formwork has been used as an exhibitor to showcase the latest shoes on the market. After so many brightly lit rooms full of screens and videos, this installation is in a dark room, lit only by light bulbs. A moment of break in the smell of wood before going out in the frenetic world again.


©Tillandsia WALL for Nike, Milan (Italy), 2016

  • Client: Satis&fy for Nike European Operation

  • Services: Concept design by LAND, Project Design and Fulfillment by Tillandsia di Michieli Floricoltura

  • Area size: 80 m²

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giulia Bonisoli, Valerio Bozzoli Parasacchi

For the occasion of Milan Design Week 2016 Nike has organized an exibition: “The Nature of Motion”. LAND, in collaboration with Tillandsia di Michieli Floricoltura, has developed the concept for a green vertical wall build as scenography for a space used for the gala dinners during the week. Inspired by the magical personality of nature and through the exploration of the thousands of shapes and colors of Tillandsia, a spectacular vertical garden has come to life, generated by new, dynamic and sustainable forms, where the air plants are the protagonists, which, like brush strokes of color, paint shapes to the limits of what the eye can perceive.

The Tillandsia Wall measures 80 sqm and counts more than 19,000 plants of 21 different species.

krombacher wall land

Krombacher Wall - The Green Wave, Krombacher (Germany), 2015 - 2017

  • Clients: Krombacher Brauerei , Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

  • Services: Strategic Definition, Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Issue for Construction, Construction, Handover

  • Area size: 270 m² of moss surface

  • Team: LAND Germany GmbH

The need for an acoustic barrier to protect the activities of the Krombacher brewery was interpreted in this project as a sort of membrane: a "landscape wall". The shaping language of the ascending carbonic acid bubbles adds a second curved shape to the initially functionally pronounced noise barrier. It integrates itself with its curved form into the language of the imprinting nature and reflects this again. The noise barrier thus creates a link between culture and nature. The hops as basic ingredients of the beer is shaping the design.

A sweeping surface with looming vegetation promises a new highlight on the historical route. As a second skin, a vertical greenery along the Krombach River meanders. In sections the new cover is planted with moss. Light elements convey the glitter of water droplets on the plants. Due to its strong growth, its special flowers and also its pleasant fragrance, hops are characterized. Sloping sections of the wall are presented as an analogy to the actual cultivation with hops. Tapes of flowering wild plants take up the swing of the wall along the banks of the Krombach. Backyard trees set vertical accents. Moss is the only plant that not only binds extremely fine dust,  but also converts it into organic mass. Moss can attract fine dust from a distance of up to 50 m electrostatically.

1 m² moss reaches the fine dust binding force of approx. 17 trees, which means that our moss’ wall develop the fine dust binding effect of over 4.000 trees.


Diesel Headquarter, Breganze (Vicenza, Italy), 2006 - 2010

  • Clients: Jacobs S.p.A., Diesel S.p.A.

  • Partner: Arch. Pierpaolo Ricatti

  • Services: Preliminary and final design, Construction supervision

  • Area size: 8 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Shirly Mantin, Luca Manzocchi, Simone Marelli, Leonardo Oprandi

The new headquarter of Diesel is located in the typically hilly landscape of Berganze, Vicenza region. The building has been set into the site at a half-hypogeal level. The green spaces design originates from reading the historical and contemporary landscape typologies, letting its traces influence the project to create a relationship between nature and architecture.

A mediation between this new architecture and the context is defined by a large green border that’s enhanced by the shape of the ground’s morphology. The new buildings are placed in sequence and define an articulated system of visuals inside and outside the area, completed with rich vegetation of native and naturalized species. Because of this, the buildings are cushioned and a pleasant and protected environment is defined by a series of hills and green shields.


UniCredit Bank Austria Campus, Wien (Austria), 2012 - ongoing

  • Client: Domus Facility Management GmbH represented by Atelier Prodreca (Wien)

  • Partner: Atelier Podrecca

  • Service: Lph 1-9

  • Area size: 7.3 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Nadine Calaminus-Tölle, Uwe Schönherr

There is a strong relation in-between the open spaces of the UniCredit Bank Austria Campus and the landscape of Vienna. The landscape layout of the design was inspired by elements from the local environment, such as the landscaped planting - the traditional Viennese forest with groves, planting structures, topographic levels and water elements. The project of the UniCredit Bank Austria Campus consists of a main urban boulevard with several side-areas and four, green inner courtyards inspired by the very Viennese forest pattern. The boulevard presents a public character, whilst the courtyards are more protected and private.


KM ROSSO Science and Technology Park, Bergamo (Italy), 2008

  • Client: Brembo S.p.A., River S.p.A.

  • Partner: Atelier Jean Nouvel

  • Services: From preliminary to executive design, Technical assistance in the execution of green works

  • Area size: 8 ha

Jean Nouvel’s Studio designed a comprehensive project for Kilometrorosso, conceived as a landmark alongside the Milan-Venice highway. A red wall along the highway gives identity to the project. The wall also protects the buildings surrounded by the park’s vegetation, while light shines through the transparent geometry of the buildings creating an informal softness of the greenery.

It is a continuous green system, completely pedestrian, that draws the initial inspiration from the Kilometrorosso itself. The strong connection between the red wall, the language of car racing, speed and the high technological vocation of the whole architectural complex all contributed to the vision of this project.


Caselle Shopping & Leisure Village, Caselle Torinese (Turin, Italy), 2015 - ongoing

  • Clients: AEDES SiiQ S.p.A., Praga Service Real Estate S.r.l.

  • Partners: R&P Engineering, Design International

  • Service: Preliminary design

  • Area size: 45 ha

  • Team: Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala, Claudia Grassi, Georgia Karsioti, Shirly Mantin, Valeria Pagliaro, Gabriele Tononi

Caselle Shopping & Leisure Village project in Caselle Torinese uses an innovative methodological approach, applies several best practices and stands out for the intelligent management of open spaces. 

The aim of the project is to develop the intervention in the most balanced and sustainable way, by establishing links with natural, cultural and social spheres. The design, in fact, aims to connect and unify landscape, infrastructure and architectural works with the peculiarities of the territory. The new sub-fund intends to overcome the traditional concept of the “shopping mall”, characterized by the single function, andintegrates the purely commercial activities with other different functions.

The idea is to create a “concrete urban reality”. The project is articulated in differents areas characterized by a strong identity, but harmoniously integrated: green infrastructure, green connective, parking , green roofs, Small Important Park and Ring. The developed insights have the purpose of improve the orientation and use of spaces and paths, whilst at the same time providing comfort and security to the visitor.


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