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Data-driven landscape design



From Building Information Modelling (BIM)

To Landscape Information Modelling (LIM®)

LIM® Research Project

We want to revolutionize the way we design urban landscapes by measuring its impact on air quality, store water management, soil condition and plant growth – to improve the wellbeing of people in cities.

Our research project Landscape Information Modelling (LIM®) is adding a new dimension to Building Information Modeling by helping professionals to design nature-based solutions for greener and healthier cities using a data-driven approach. Learn more on our LIM® research project:

Do you want to join our #landresearch project? We are looking for international planners, consultants, technical specialists to become members of our multidisciplinary research group of agronomists, architects and engineers. Contact us!

Information Modeling Consultancy

We also offer Information Modeling Consultancy in all phases of landscape projects at any scale. Thanks to the integration of GIS and Environmental analysis, we are now able to manage data which can bring a valuable contribution to the BIM process by providing spatial input and geospatial visualization, adding information on the construction site’s surrounding environment that are essential for design decisions and approval processes.