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Quality Management System



LAND Srl and LAND Italia Srl are certified in accordance with the 2015 edition of the standard and operate in compliance with the general requisites, applying its principles to all their processes of implementation and support, with particular reference to risk management.

In the context of a diversified national and international market, the certification of the company Quality Management System is an indispensable prerequisite of traceability, constituting a further element of strategic qualification.

The certification in fact makes it possible to guarantee “a priori” the efficiency, control and improvement over time of the quality of the company’s performance and the services offered to customers, in any sector and of any dimensions.

LAND Srl and its subsidiary companies operate responsibly in relation to the environment, promoting a culture of containment of environmental impact and applying best practices for the continuous improvement of their performance.

Furthermore, they pursue an internal policy of appreciation of their human resources and their contribution, working as a highly qualified professional laboratory.