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Selected articles and essays


Milan: Greening the city - green rays Milan

Urban Densification - The Challenge for Open Space (TU Vienna), October 2018, Text by Andreas Kipar

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Parco del Portello

Corriere della Sera (Le sfide dell'architettura), October 2018, Text by Charles Jencks

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Un Modello Vitruviano per la nuova Città Verde

Corriere della Sera (Le sfide dell'architettura), October 2018, Interview/Text by Alessandra Coppa

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Il Raggio Verde

La Repubblica, October 2018, Text by Laura Bianchi and Laura Traldi

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OTTOBRE_Coima RE Forum_Il sole 24 ore_ numero 294, anno 154.jpg

Economia Reale nell’Immobiliare del Futuro

Il sole 24 ore, October 2018, Text by Manfredi Catella

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Andreas Kipar sprach im Museum Abteiberg

Rheinische Post, September 2018, Text by Sigrid Blomen-Radermacher

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2027 PLUS - Beyond the green decade

Lebe dein grünes Wunder, August 2018, Text by Andreas Kipar

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Starting with the Landscape and designing with People - Reflections on superiori Italian architecture

CNAPPC Annual Yearbook 2, May 2018, Text by Andreas Kipar

The CNAPPC Yearbook hosts Andreas Kipar’s  reflection on Italian architecture, trying to understand and interpret the contemporary society.  Environment and society play a leading role in “the art of producing architecture”, and that’s why @Elisabetta Gabrielli and @Emilio Caravatti have been awarded for their projects, both designed for people who experience architecture in their everyday life.

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New urban nature

Inspiration High Line, Technische Univeristät München - Fakultät für Architektur, April 2018, Text by Andreas Kipar

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World Architecture Community.JPG

"Landscape Is The Interception Of An Evolutionary Moment Of A Society"

World Architecture Community, 27 July 2018, Text by Antonello Magliozzi

"The territory is like a bookcase, a shelving with a plot and a structure. It is up to us to interpret it, insert the thematic books in the right place. When we start a project, we think about the understanding of the territory, the shelving, after which we enter in its various sectors," says Andreas Kipar.

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I raggi verdi di Milano

I raggi verdi di Milano 

Il Foglio, 22 July 2018, Text by Andrea Affaticati

Andreas Kipar, l’urbanista giardiniere che ha trasformato la città grigia con un colore nuovo.

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"Du musst mal raus!"

Cluverius, 8 July 2018, Text by Henning Klüver

"Stop war on Nature!“, Jeremy Rifkins Warnruf ist Andreas Kipar zum Lebensmotto geworden: kein Krieg mehr gegen die Natur.

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Urban walking.JPG

Urban walking alla milanese: un percorso di 6 km tra verde e grattacieli

Il Sole 24 Ore, 5 July, 2018, Text by Paola Dezza

"Questa modalità di camminare nel verde permette di ritrovare la permeabilità e la continuità dei centri urbani e di scoprire quanto di rustico è rimasto tra torri e grattacieli"

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Der Vordenker.JPG

Der Vordenker

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 3 July 2018, Text by Henning Klüver

Andreas Kipar lernte einst in Gelsenkirchen das Gärtnern und später in Mailand Städteplanung. Heute bringt er als international gefragter Landschaftsarchitekt ein Stück Natur zurück in dicht besiedelte Städte.

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Arcipelago Italia.JPG

Ca' Corniani Terra d'Avanguardia

Domus, n.1025, Arcipelago Italia, June 2018

“LAND’s masterplan starts in 2014 from an investigation on a rural area that was productive, but also in distress and not fully aware of its potential.”

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Ca' Corniani project

Domus, n.1025, June 2018, Text by Anna Detheridge

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Il cielo sopra Essen_Repubblica.JPG

The Heavens over Essen

La Repubblica, Super8, 9.2018. Article by Tonia Mastrobuoni

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lotus andreas kipar land

In search of Milan's DNA

Lotus, n. 161, January 2017

“Landscape design teachesarchitects something fundamental: it is a bad idea to stifle growth, vital structures cannot be put into hibernation. In this way investigations in territories and landscapes are liberating from an architectural perspective as well [...]. The ideals are no longer concerned with stability, harmony, balance and necrophilic detachment, but the management of conflict, existential anxiety and revived nomadism". Bruno Zevi

Text by Andreas Kipar


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architektur magazine land

Es geht um das Lebendige

Entnommen aus Architektur + Technik _ Landschaftsarchitektur 5-2017

Andreas Kipar, Gründer und Direktor der interdisziplinär arbeitenden Planungs-gruppe LAND, äussert sich zur Situation der urbanen Landschaft.

Von Uwe Guntern (Interview), Catharina Berni (Projekttexte), LAND (Bilder)


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IBA Thuringen.JPG

IBA Thüringen - Campus"Neue Landschaftstypologien für die Kulturlandschaft des 21. Jahrhunderts"

Dokumentation IBA Campus, 2017

"Recultivating changing landscapes: a cutural process"

A text focused on Ca' Corniani project by Andrea Balestrini, LAND


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trasporti e cultura_venezia land

Marghera, ideas for the future

Text by Andreas Kipar in "I tre futuri di Venezia. Marghera, Mestre e città storica, pensieri sulle trasformazioni", edited by L. Facchinelli, O. Giovinazzi, V. Martini, Ed. Trasporti & Cultura, Venezia 2017.

"Urban regeneration, reduction of land-take, regional development: these topics are crucial today for politicians and urban developers. Cities cooperate and compete to attract new investiments, inhabitants, users. To achive these goals, they implement strategies to turn former industrial cities into centers for business and services, cultural and recreational hubs or even technological platforms".


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Milan's green heart_Mediterra

Milan's green heart

Mediterra Editrice, Milano 2016

"The original circular city, as represented by town architect Leonardo Da Vinci, is bound by a perimeter of canals and divided into six corresponding areas or "Gates", as in this volume. And here we have several nationally and internationally renowned landscape designers narrating their ideas and describing the implementation of projects which have helped to augment the profile of green in Milan..."

Projects by Andreas Kipar, Studio LAND; Emanuele Bortolotti, Studio AG&P greenscape; Maurizio Carones; Francesca Oggioni; Francesca Neonato, PN Studio, progetto natura


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european green capitals

Europe's future depends on our future cities

"European Green Capitals. Experiences of Sustainable Urban Regeneration", Edited by G. Capocchin, M. Botti, G. Furlan, S. Lironi, Lettera Ventidue, Siracusa 2016

"Our society in the past decades faced new challenges for urban development of metropolitan areas. Some cities experienced a constant growth whilst others are shrinking due to the relocation of industrial production or socio-economical dynamics of rural areas. In both cases the worldwide trend of urbanization as well as the need to build new infrastructures and renew the spatial and functional structure of already urbanized areas generates conflicts that may turn into threats for citizens’ life quality, if not adequately addresses by planning policies". 

Text by Andreas Kipar


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2016_Ottobre_Abitare_Spazi pubblici_Andreas Kipar-2.jpg

The need for landscape

Abitare, n. 558, October 2016

"Landscape design is an atypical discipline. It has long time scales and often has to mediate between the public and the private, architecture and nature. But it is precisely because of this flexibility that it is becoming crucial in today’s world."

Text by Andreas Kipar


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Andreas Kipar_SmownPublishing land

Andreas Kipar

Edited by A. Coppa, G. Marinoni, SMOwnPublishing 2015

Milano, Essen, Colonia, Mosca. Potrebbe sembrare un paradosso: il libro di un ‘paesaggista’ ha come protagonista la città. Ma questo, oltre a riflettere gli specifici interessi, le attitudini e le passioni di un ‘paesaggista composito’ come Andreas Kipar, rispecchia l’attuale articolata nozione di paesaggio. E anche ha a che fare con quella sorta di ‘nouvelle vague’ che la progettazione di paesaggio ha conosciuto in questi ultimi decenni.


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viaggi naturali_ferraretto land

La serra incantata

Andrea Ferraretto, "Viaggi naturali", Depackaging Edition, L'Aquila 2015.

"Siamo viandanti e abbiamo bisogno di Viaggi naturali, di sguardi, di emozioni. L'Italia ha da vendere sguardi ed emozioni.L'Italia è un paese di grandi capacità e di grande umanità".

Andreas Kipar, "Viaggio in Italia"


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