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Strategical landscape projects towards environmental quality and sustainable architecture

LAND Italia, LAND Germany e LAND Suisse landscape design is oriented towards urban planning process and territorial development trough green infrastructures for more density and more permeability.


Our LAND projects always start with a story.

Walking through a scenery, observing and listening to the heart of a place and its community while stepping back somewhat, creates an important understanding of how areas evolve and landscapes develop. In fact, every landscape has its own soul and is a mirror of the society who formed it.

Our approach has its unique style, shaped with generosity and longevity, targeted at the protagonists of the story. This approach enables us to overcome and unite complex and seemingly fragmented landscapes. Only by doing so we can truly develop places.

Our work is multidisciplinary, embracing the uniqueness of every single area, to define a common vision that enables process and follows a strategy.

Our LANDscape architecture offers a response to today’s challenges of a sharing society. It never loses sight of the people, the protagonist of our story. So, nature becomes a tangible reality, a driver for a productive and resilient landscape.


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