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Design for LANDscape - LANDscape Design for people

Andrea Kuepfer

Green Dynamic

During Milan Design Week 2018, as a proud member of the IDD – Innovation Design District, we invited for an exhibition on Design for LANDscape – LANDscape Design for people!
We invited the public to engage in a conversation on the relationship between Design and Landscape through five of our projects in five different countries and with the support of five ambassadors of Italian Design around the world.

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us and came to #BePartOfTheGreenDynamic! 

LAND vince con Sportium il progetto per il futuro Stadio del Cagliari

Andrea Kuepfer

Stadio di Cagliari.jpg

Il Cagliari ha scelto il progetto dello stadio del futuro: la corsa a tre delle ultime proposte rimaste in gara (ad inizio competizione erano 25) è stata vinta dal Consorzio Sportium grazie anche all’intuizione paesaggistica dello studio LAND Italia che si è occupato della definizione delle aree esterne all’impianto cagliaritano.

Il progetto paesaggistico è iniziato da una analisi su grande scala del Piano del Verde del Comune di Cagliari (un altro progetto firmato LAND che in una decade, a partire dal 1996, ha enunciato lo sviluppo strategico del verde nel Capoluogo Sardo) per poi definire due grandi temi come elemento riconciliante non solo del territorio ma di una società e un’area cittadina che vedono il nuovo impianto sportivo come elemento di riscatto: le scogliere e la macchia mediterranea, il tratto scultoreo di Pinuccio Sciola e le ricuciture di Maria Lai, una proposta innovativa legata ad un popolo, quello sardo, orgoglioso delle proprie radici, della propria identità.

Come da una scogliera affacciarsi sul mare” questa la frase che l’Arch. Andreas Kipar, Chairman dello studio LAND, ha più volte sottolineato nella definizione degli spazi esterni; questa la frase che ha rafforzato l’idea di creare un grande giardino pensile sul tetto dell’area commerciale, proteso verso il mare in un simbolico abbraccio.

Il focus del progetto paesaggistico, oltre a garantire la sicurezza e la fruibilità degli spazi esterni durante gli eventi sportivi, è stato declinato ad un utilizzo del parco che sia il più ampio possibile, tutti i giorni e in ogni orario, al di là del singolo evento calcistico. Una infrastruttura verde per la Città di Cagliari, un parco fruibile per il quartiere Sant’Elia, un giardino mediterraneo per la Società Cagliari Calcio motivo di vanto per tutti gli interlocutori. 

Dopo il nuovo Stadio della Roma, per il quale lo studio milanese di Architettura del Paesaggio ha seguito tutte le fasi di progetto dalla definizione del concept sino al progetto esecutivo, con questo nuovo intervento LAND Italia si mostra ancora una volta progettista qualificante nella definizione di spazi verdi legati ai grandi impianti sportivi.

Milan Design Week 2018

Andrea Kuepfer

Design for LANDscape

LANDscape Design for people

Come and visit us in our studio during the Milan Design Week 2018!       An occasion to explore Design for LANDscape and LANDscape Design for people!

Come and visit us in our studio during the Milan Design Week 2018!

An occasion to explore Design for LANDscape and LANDscape Design for people!

Porta Nuova: MIPIM Awards 2018, Best Urban Regeneration Project

Andrea Kuepfer

porta nuova milano

We are honored to be among the winners of MIPIM Awards 2018 - Best Urban Regeneration Project with Porta Nuova, Milan!

Porta Nuova, with the landscape design by LAND, is among the most relevant urban transformations in Europe and a model worldwide.

Our landscape design for Porta Nuova combines permeability and density, mediating the scale of the city and the scale of people.

Starting in 2005 with Porta Nuova Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola, our commitment today continues with the projects Porta Nuova Bonnet and Porta Nuova Gioia. We strive for improving day by day the quality of life for the people who live in the city, through a conscious use of the resources, the increase of biodiversity, the creation of new livable spaces for the society of today and tomorrow.

We make space for people! We put LANDscape first!

Story: Porta Nuova Garibaldi   

Story: Porta Nuova Garibaldi


Story: Porta Nuova Isola   

Story: Porta Nuova Isola


Story: Porta Nuova Varesine

Story: Porta Nuova Varesine

MIPIM, here we are!

Andrea Kuepfer

mipim land 2018

Porta Nuova is among the finalists of the MIPIM Awards as Best Urban Regeneration Project. Watch the videos, and if you visit MIPIM, Vote for Italy and for our LANDscape project in Milan!

> See the video

New Cagliari Stadium

Andrea Kuepfer

cagliari stadium sportium land

We are proud to announce: together with the consortium Sportium,  LAND Italia is among the finalists for the new Cagliari Stadium! An opportunity to reconnect this area to the city and to create green livable spaces for the society!

LAND for Villa Angst

Andrea Kuepfer

villa angst_bordighera LAND
villa angst bordighera land

Aiming to bring back the light and the colors that inspired Claude Monet, we are happy to see our work in progress for Villa Angst in Bordighera.
In addition to recovery and integration of the famous palm trees, we will introduce new species consistent with those already present and which will contribute to the reconstruction of the original design by the botanist and architect Ludwig Winter.

Venice, Biennale Architettura 2018

Andrea Kuepfer

arcipelago italia.jpg


Archipelago Italia: we are proud to be part of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Pavillon curated by Mario Cucinella!

He wrote: "If architecture has the potential to relaunch territories, Archipelago Italia takes on this important challenge by rethinking a possible future for the country's interior territories and providing them with a new and different future."

Learn more here

Lura retention basins: work in progress!

Andrea Kuepfer

Milan’s metropolitan region is affected by several flooding during heavy rain events. Among several measures planned by the regional government there is a wide retention area that has been planned as a flood control device.

Our project consists of the implementation of two rolling basins connected by an open air ditch and a pond filled with ground water.

The aim of the project is that the basins will be temporarily flooded by Lura river during intense rainy periods through natural inlet from the river bed.

From Milan to Europe

Andrea Kuepfer

green city italia land

February 22nd 2018, we will be present at the Myplant & Garden fair with Green City Italia. With Andreas Kipar, we will illustrate our Essen European Green Capital experience and with Giovanni Sala we will talk about green and well-being!

> Learn more


1.000 days to Expo 2020 Dubai opening: our story in numbers

Andrea Kuepfer



Expo 2020 marks 1.000 days to its grand opening. We look at our landscape project for Theamtic Districts and Public Realm in numbers:

3 Thematic Districts

66.215 sqm Public Realm area

57.915 sqm Hardscape area

8.300 sqm Softscape area

14.193 sqm Green Vegetated area

2.155 Trees planted (1.358 native/adaptive trees)

20 Months of work

100% BIM Project


Learn more

A new green square for Naples

Andrea Kuepfer

The San Pasquale subway stop in Naples is open!

The project by Boris Podrecca with LAND, develops green areas on the San Pasquale station square, a large stone-paved surface. Green is covering the roof of the station with a variation of new tree-planted patches and existing palm trees. The proposed solution consists of green island sorrounded by benches. The green islands are a sort of extrusion of paving design, following the swaying lines that evoke the sea and modelling in their shape the seats. The different elements are composed of a modular system to optimize the production.

BE PART Of The Green Dynamic

Andrea Kuepfer


18.01.2018: Inauguration LAND Germany and our Green Dynamic Initiative!

Be Part of our green dynamic. Come and see, feel and change the open spaces of tomorrow, reconnecting with nature!

News from Montreal

Andrea Kuepfer

montreal land

We are one of the 3 finalist teams for the Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition “Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent”, with Table Architecture, civiliti  and Biodiversité Conseil. 

The Masterplan for the Biodiversity Corridor in Saint-Lauren was developed to foster the regeneration of an environmentally-poor urban district through the creation of a green, blue and social infrastructure.

The result is a masterplan that will structure the area not only in formal terms but above all in functional terms, by modifying urban metabolism virtuously, positively affecting ecological, hydraulic and social functions.

> Learn more