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Ca' Corniani Wildflowers Strips

Andrea Kuepfer

ca' corniani land.jpg

Today we sowed our wildflowers strips at Ca' Corniani near Venice. They are not only an aesthestic element for the landscape, but also a great tool in order to increase agri-ecocystem functions creating the best habitat for pollinators.


Andrea Kuepfer


Next week we will be in Rimini at Ecomondo, the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. Here, we will debate about soil, water and green economy.

Learn more here

Nature-based solutions for urban regeneration

Andrea Kuepfer


"Regenerating city by nature" is our landscape project to improve the urban quality in Cinisello Balsamo, near Milan. Tomorrow evening we will present the project for Piazza Gramsci, Piazza Italia and surroundings meeting citizenship.

The appointment is at 21.00 at Villa Ghirlanda in Via Giovanni Frova, 10, Cinisello.

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Thinking Miramare

Andrea Kuepfer

miramare castle land

On Monday we took part to the round table in Trieste to re-think the future of Miramare Castle, always taking care of Italian landscape's beauty!

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International art competition for the Three Ca' Corniani Thresholds: and the winner is...

Andrea Kuepfer

ca corniani triennale

The purpose of the Competition is to conceive and execute three works of art that should consider the true nature of Ca’ Corniani, what it has represented in the past and what it will become in the future. 

Our best compliments to the artist Alberto Garutti, the winner of the international art competition for theThree Ca' Corniani Thresholds! His works speak to the stratified, complex history of the relationship between man, nature and agriculture, creating a new rural landscape.

A project for Genagricola S.p.A. and Generali Italia S.p.A.

Project of Landscape enhancement and Art Competition idea by LAND Srl

Project and Landscape curatorship Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala

Art Competition curated by Eight Art Project Srl Artistic curatorship Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini

Fall colors in Adda Mallero Park

Andrea Kuepfer

adda mallero

The park is near to the city of Sondrio, next to the confluence of the Mallero creek with the Adda river and has a surface of 15 hectars.
Till 2006 there was a working and storaging establishment, with a terrible view from the principal access to the city. The stop of that activity and the start of a urban transformation project made the redevelopment faster. Starting from the main features of the context and particulary from the waters that coast it, the ladscape project defines some concavities that finally recall the theme shore of the river. On that way dips that define particular spaces are formed, interesting views on the alpine context and on the park  itself. The realization of the park is the result of the cooperation between the city of Sondrio and the initiative “Dieci Grandi Foreste di Pianura” promoted and financed by the Regione Lombardia-Direzione Generale Agricoltura and managed by the Provincia di Sondrio-Assessorato all’Agricoltura, this cooperation brought to a 40 hectars forest. The Adda Mallero park is an important part of it. They used only low environmental impact materials and technic valuations like the forestation and the phytoremediation for a new lake system.

Olona Springs: the beginning of a new waterscape

Andrea Kuepfer

olona 1.jpg

Starting from Sunday there is a new place for the community in close proximity to the Olona Springs,  one of the most important Lombard watercourse that arrives in the heart of Milan. In order to give a new identity, we worked with nature-based solutions obtaining ecological, economic and social benefits. So, a portion of forgotten landscape is returned to the society, combining hydraulic functionality and naturalistic and fruitive purposes using best integrated details. Sensibility and force match with this project, careful in respecting nature, focused on historic heritage, making space for people.

More pictures here.


Andrea Kuepfer

land germany Düsseldorf

Our LANDGermany team is ready to explore a new LANDscapes in Düsseldorf! 

We are looking foward to seeing you in Birkenstraße 47!


New Nespresso Boutique Concept in New York City

Andrea Kuepfer

© Kristjan Veski

© Kristjan Veski

At the beginning of September, Nespresso opened a New Boutique Concept on Madison Avenue in NYC, of which we have designed the new Greenery Conception.
The Brand has introduced the Green as a fundamental part of the Store and LAND Suisse led them realizing the story of the Coffee Growing Tropical Ecosystem as an icon of sustainability and as a cozy place to stay and enjoy the coffee experience.

More photos here

Politecnico di Milano: Landscape Architecture - Land Landscape Heritage

Andrea Kuepfer

land politecnico

Starting from September 2017, a new programme in "Landscape Architecture - Land Landscape Heritage" (Laurea Magistrale) will be offered at Politecnico di Milano. In the course “Urban and Rural Open Spaces _ Networks and Parks Design Studio” with Prof. Lionella Scazzosi and Prof. Darko Pandakovic, Prof. Giovanni Sala will provide notions of ecology and agronomy applied to the design, implementation and management of the landscape in its rural and urban component.

Learn more here

Costermano sul Garda Environmental Excellence

Andrea Kuepfer

costermano garda land

Last Saturday we presented our masterplan for Costermano sul Garda. This municipal area  offers to its inhabitants and tourists a unique variety of landscapes and sights, so that every corner or change of perspective becomes a real surprise. Therefore, the territory needs to be enriched trough more infrastructures and areas, where discovering Costermano sul Garda becomes a unique experience to relive and make it known.

Learn more here

Airolo back to the future: LAND Suisse, happy 1st birthday reconnecting people with nature!

Andrea Kuepfer

airolo-land suisse

Last Friday, together with LAND Suisse, a delegation from LAND Italia and some of our clients and partners, have spent some time in the changing landscape of Airolo Valley which after 100 years, thanks to the masterplan of LAND Suisse found its way back to nature. What a better way to spread the voice about our arrival in Switzerland and to celebrate the 1st birthday of LAND Suisse?

See more pictures here

Chicago / Milan Sister Cities

Andrea Kuepfer


Yestarday Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala convened at Fondazione Catella in Milan to discuss the state of urban design and innovation in both cities and also the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial.

We are delighted to find again in their vision our mission: rethinking our cities in a more sustainable way, to become a more inclusive community sharing the experince of public spaces. We trust in a future city where more density and more permeability will give identity and quality to everybody. In our opinion, this happens when a green infrastructure becomes a social infrastructure.


Smart cities, cities of the future

Andrea Kuepfer

Yesterday at the Deutsch-Italienischen Handelskammer in Milan we presented our experiences in the 3 top Italian smart cities: Bologna, Genoa and Turin. From grey to green, the LAND expertise in territorial transformation also works in Germany, such as in Essen, European Green Capital 2017. We talked about how the city is changed after this important goal and what we imagine for its future, especially in the tourism sector.



From green infrastructures to social infrastructures

Andrea Kuepfer

LAND kipar

Today we are invited at the Senato della Repubblica in occasion of the publication of the 50th report on the Social Situation of the Country to talk about our international experience in strategic urban development. We need new paradigm discovering again our roots and territory as catalysts of ideas for the future community. In our opinion it is important for the big distribution aspiring to quality not only to repair past inattentions, but also to bring new concepts and innovation to development of territories. Starting from green proposals, our LAND projects aim to improve social infrastructure trough environmental quality.


From railway stations to the future

Andrea Kuepfer

scali milano land kipar

Today in Palazzo Marino Andreas Kipar is talking about the future of Milan starting from abandoned railway stations. "Scali ferroviari" will be revalued as perfect occasions for green infrastructures in the city of tomorrow: Milan 2025+.

Postcards from Essen

Andrea Kuepfer

land essen germany krupp park

Last week we celebrated LANDscape meeting in Essen, European Green Capital 2017, our friends, LAND Germany team, a delegation from LAND Italia and a delegation from LAND Suisse. We want to thank all for the participation and specially our dear LANDers who supported us from far away!

More photos here


Art as acupuncture of the LANDscape_2nd part

Andrea Kuepfer


Today, in occasion of the Milano ArchWeek, we had the opportunity to go deeper in this way of thinking art as acupuncture of the landscape during the lecture “Non solo architettura” with Andreas Kipar and Thomas Schönauer. The interesting dialogue started 6 years ago between the architect and the artist goes on an increasingly challenging way!