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1st LAND Convention for landscape architecture

Andrea Kuepfer

LAND Convention

Today the first Convention of international landscape architecture studio LAND will be held at the MIND Milano Innovation District (the former EXPO area - Cascina Triulza), where professionals from all their offices (Italy, Germany and Switzerland), partners and special guests will gather for a day with the sustainable development of the spaces where we live as the watchwords. Starting with a reflection on the most recent projects worldwide (among which Smart City Moscow, EXPO Beijing 2019 and EXPO 2020 Dubai), it will be possible to lay the foundations for the implementation of future projects, aware of the responsibility of tackling today's challenges as regards the environment and the need to make a difference in a world subject to climate change and to epochal transformations of nature and societies. As the UN's Global Assessment Report 2019 underlines, social responsibility is no longer a choice but an urgent requirement: LAND has the will, the opportunity and the power to make a difference for the populations of tomorrow.