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LAND wins Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition “Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent” in Montreal, Canada

Andrea Kuepfer

Creating space for nature, bringing biodiversity and resilience back into the city
The international landscape architecture firm LAND with Table Architecture, Civiliti and Biodiversité Conseil has won the Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent. The competition has been launched by the borough of Saint-Laurent and the Bureau du design de la ville de Montréal to enhance biodiversity on its territory. LAND’s project Vert-de-Gris consisted of a green, blue and social infrastructure aiming to reconnect people with nature. «We’ve found a fragmented and inhospitable land for both animals and people. With our project we have aimed to set a pioneering standard for sustainable and durable urban development, to bring nature back into the neighborhood, starting from the elements that form the basis of biodiversity – soil, water and air», comments Valeria Pagliaro, Director at LAND.