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Fall colors in Adda Mallero Park

Andrea Kuepfer

adda mallero

The park is near to the city of Sondrio, next to the confluence of the Mallero creek with the Adda river and has a surface of 15 hectars.
Till 2006 there was a working and storaging establishment, with a terrible view from the principal access to the city. The stop of that activity and the start of a urban transformation project made the redevelopment faster. Starting from the main features of the context and particulary from the waters that coast it, the ladscape project defines some concavities that finally recall the theme shore of the river. On that way dips that define particular spaces are formed, interesting views on the alpine context and on the park  itself. The realization of the park is the result of the cooperation between the city of Sondrio and the initiative “Dieci Grandi Foreste di Pianura” promoted and financed by the Regione Lombardia-Direzione Generale Agricoltura and managed by the Provincia di Sondrio-Assessorato all’Agricoltura, this cooperation brought to a 40 hectars forest. The Adda Mallero park is an important part of it. They used only low environmental impact materials and technic valuations like the forestation and the phytoremediation for a new lake system.