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International art competition for the Three Ca' Corniani Thresholds: and the winner is...

Andrea Kuepfer

ca corniani triennale

The purpose of the Competition is to conceive and execute three works of art that should consider the true nature of Ca’ Corniani, what it has represented in the past and what it will become in the future. 

Our best compliments to the artist Alberto Garutti, the winner of the international art competition for theThree Ca' Corniani Thresholds! His works speak to the stratified, complex history of the relationship between man, nature and agriculture, creating a new rural landscape.

A project for Genagricola S.p.A. and Generali Italia S.p.A.

Project of Landscape enhancement and Art Competition idea by LAND Srl

Project and Landscape curatorship Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala

Art Competition curated by Eight Art Project Srl Artistic curatorship Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini