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Smart cities, cities of the future

Andrea Kuepfer

Yesterday at the Deutsch-Italienischen Handelskammer in Milan we presented our experiences in the 3 top Italian smart cities: Bologna, Genoa and Turin. From grey to green, the LAND expertise in territorial transformation also works in Germany, such as in Essen, European Green Capital 2017. We talked about how the city is changed after this important goal and what we imagine for its future, especially in the tourism sector.



From green infrastructures to social infrastructures

Andrea Kuepfer

LAND kipar

Today we are invited at the Senato della Repubblica in occasion of the publication of the 50th report on the Social Situation of the Country to talk about our international experience in strategic urban development. We need new paradigm discovering again our roots and territory as catalysts of ideas for the future community. In our opinion it is important for the big distribution aspiring to quality not only to repair past inattentions, but also to bring new concepts and innovation to development of territories. Starting from green proposals, our LAND projects aim to improve social infrastructure trough environmental quality.


From railway stations to the future

Andrea Kuepfer

scali milano land kipar

Today in Palazzo Marino Andreas Kipar is talking about the future of Milan starting from abandoned railway stations. "Scali ferroviari" will be revalued as perfect occasions for green infrastructures in the city of tomorrow: Milan 2025+.

Postcards from Essen

Andrea Kuepfer

land essen germany krupp park

Last week we celebrated LANDscape meeting in Essen, European Green Capital 2017, our friends, LAND Germany team, a delegation from LAND Italia and a delegation from LAND Suisse. We want to thank all for the participation and specially our dear LANDers who supported us from far away!

More photos here


Art as acupuncture of the LANDscape_2nd part

Andrea Kuepfer


Today, in occasion of the Milano ArchWeek, we had the opportunity to go deeper in this way of thinking art as acupuncture of the landscape during the lecture “Non solo architettura” with Andreas Kipar and Thomas Schönauer. The interesting dialogue started 6 years ago between the architect and the artist goes on an increasingly challenging way!

Ca' Corniani. Terra d'avanguardia.

Andrea Kuepfer



“Artists are like chinese doctors. They search for the energy spots, interconnect them in order to generate even higher energy. Their sculptural interventions become acupuncture of the landscape.”

Today the artist Thomas Schönauer enlightened us with his words about the deep relationship between art and landscape during the presentation of our  landscape enhancement project for Ca' Corniani, Genagricola’s estate.


UNaLab kick-off in Tampere

Andrea Kuepfer


Last week we were in Tampere with other 27 partners of our H2020 project UNaLab: the project, financed by the European Commission, fosters research on nature-based solutions and implementation of demonstration projects in cities. Within the next 5 years we’ll strive re-naturing neighbourhoods in Genova, Tampere and Eindhoven and support 6 followers cities to follow our path.

Krombacher Brauerei: opening ceremony of the green wave!

Andrea Kuepfer


Finally after 2 years of work we inaugurated the green wall located at the entrance to Krombach, which will be greened with moss and will bind the accumulating fine dust. Consequently the wall will have the same purifying effect of 4000 trees!  We wonder how the noise barrier will evolve and we want to thank all the participants at the opening party!

Come to my lawn!

Andrea Kuepfer

kipar_essen green capital
Grüne Hauptstadt Europas - Essen 2017

02.06.2017, Green Capital Essen Pavillon opening: installation "Come to my lawn"! With Karmenu Vella, EU Environment Commissioner; Thomas Kufen, Lord Mayor of Essen; Simone Raskob, Head of the Department of the Environment and Construction as well as project lead of European Green Capital - Essen 2017; Dr. Uli Paetzel, Chairman of the Executive Board at EMSCHERGENOSSENSCHAFT and LIPPEVERBAND and  Dr. Andreas Kipar, Architect and CEO LAND Germany GmbH.

LAND visiting Palazzo Marino

Andrea Kuepfer

LAND Italia Andreas Kipar

Last friday we had the honor to receive a delegation of mayors and assessors from the biggest cities of Germany and to talk with them and with the assessor Pierfrancesco Maran about new challenges for our cities.

Thanks to everyone for such an interesting debate!

The 3rd parcel of Portello Park is open!

Andrea Kuepfer

portello park by LAND italia

Starting from today, the 3rd parcel of Portello Park is open to public!

Charles Jencks together with Andreas Kipar outlined the morphological modelling of the hill, which creates a system of diagonal continuity with Monte Stella, the famous and historic hill created by Piero Bottoni after World War II.

Our new Greenery Conception in a cup of coffee

Andrea Kuepfer

nespresso store cannes land suisse

Last week we had the pleasure to be part of the opening of the New Nespresso Store in Cannes, of which we have designed the new Greenery Conception.
The Brand wants to introduce the Green as a fundamental part of the Store and LAND Suisse led them realizing the story of the Coffee Growing Tropical Ecosystem as an icon of sustainability and as a cozy place to stay and enjoy the coffee experience!

More photos here


Airolo, after 100 years... Back to the future!

Andrea Kuepfer

Airolo is a historic hub in the heart of the region of Gottardo, where the almost uncontaminated Bedretto Valley meets the Leventina Valley. During the years this area was fragmented by different linear infrastructures such as the railway, the  A2 motorway, the canalization of Ticino River or the construction of the Airolo basin. Therefore the connection between the two sides of the valley is very hard. The entire planning concept for the redevelopment of the Airolo valley offers the ideal vision of a restored district where the fragmentation produced by infrastructures is replaced by a vast naturalistic and leisure zone. Airolo can emerge from its infrastructural cage and revalue its landscape trough airy, flat green-fields, new woodland areas, functional and sport fields, an accessible and restored riverbank.

airolo valley LANDSuisse

Verso Seveso Riverpark 2025+

Andrea Kuepfer


Con grande piacere abbiamo partecipato al dibattito del 12 aprile a Cesano Maderno organizzato dal sindaco, nonché presidente della Provincia di Monza e Brianza, in cui abbiamo avuto la possibilità di presentare alla comunità gli esiti dello studio per il masterplan paesaggistico-ambientale del fiume Seveso svolto per BrianzAcque e CAP Holding. Riteniamo sia fondamentale confrontarsi con le istituzioni e i cittadini all'inizio di questo processo di riavvicinamento e rivalutazione dei nostri fiumi. Ora è necessario procedere con le applicazioni sul territorio per sfruttare al meglio le sinergie presenti in questa sfida di recupero dei nostri ecosistemi.

Qui il comunicato stampa della presentazione.

Communication spaces

Andrea Kuepfer

LAND terrace_barbarabenz

Outdoor landscape met indoor landscape in a sparkling conversation with Andreas Kipar, Giovanni Sala and Barbara Benz.

Heartfelt thanks to all those who joined us for our Milan Design Week party Communication spaces on @LANDTerrace. Thanks to Barbara Benz, Managing Director of architare, who transformed LAND office into different ‘communication spaces’!

More photos

Un brano di città che va colto

Andrea Kuepfer


Sabato 1 aprile apre al pubblico il primo tassello di oltre ottomila metri quadri del Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi. Il parco fa parte del masterplan Porta Nuova, una delle più importanti trasformazioni urbane a livello europeo della quale lo studio di architettura del paesaggio LAND ha progettato gli spazi aperti, a favore della permeabilità urbana attraverso una maggiore densità e per la mediazione tra la scala della città e la scala della persona. “LAND continua ad impegnarsi a lavorare sugli spazi aperti milanesi, dove sempre più abbiamo il desiderio di indirizzare il nostro pensiero progettuale dalla realizzazione di green infrastructure alla conformazione di social infrastructure”, commenta Andreas Kipar, architetto paesaggista e fondatore dello studio LAND.