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Krupp Park, Essen (Germany), 2006 - 2011

  • Client: Green and Gruga Essen
  • Services: Lph 3-9
  • Area size: 22 ha

The north and south part of the future Krupp Park covers an area of 2 hectares. As a first measure an inner city park was established at the northern part of the Krupp Park, covering over 12.5 hectares. It closes a gap, which includes and connects the new Krupp Boulevard and the ThyssenKrupp Headquarter. 

In the design, a wide 'high-valley' runs North-South through the park, accompanied by five shifted flat hills. At the north end of the park a 0.9hectare lake forms the main attraction like a 'prelude'. In close proximity are also gateways to the park as well as the transregional bicycle path next to the train path of the Rheinische Bahn.