With its curiosity and sense of purpose, imagination and method, the LAND community uses top-quality professional expertise to combine individual discovery with the pursuit of collaborative solutions. We embrace contingencies and turn them into opportunities for clients and partners, placing people and their need for nature at the forefront. The cultivation of resilient landscapes and livable urban spaces is our passion. Living, working and learning together gives us the strength to quantifiably plan for future generations and open up new horizons.

Agronomist, LAND Founding Member

Agronomist, Senior Agronomist and Partner

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Managing Director of LAND Research Lab GmbH, CIO LAND

Architect, Head of Business Development and Bid Coordinator

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Junior Landscape Architect AKNW

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Our deep passion for sustainable landscapes is what drives us to find new solutions to meet global challenges. By cultivating a spirit of innovation and embracing the power of diverse minds, we can joyfully create livable spaces all around us. In our growing LAND community, we promote collective learning and empower people to thrive in their projects. Join us to reconnect people with nature and make our planet future-proof.