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An international landscape architecture firm committed to sustainability and quality

LAND Italia, LAND Germany and LAND Suisse work at a professional level in the field of planning and landscape design, with emphasis on environmental recovery, territorial development, industrial revitalization at different scales, using green and social infrastructures.


LAND – Landscape Architecture Nature Development –  

is an international landscape architecture firm established in Milan in 1990 by Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala.

Today, the company has offices in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Bringing together landscape architects, agronomists, urban planners and architects, LAND’s team develops projects from territorial planning to open space design. The holistic approach combines research and innovation to offer solutions for today’s social and environmental challenges.

LAND has developed highly sophisticated urban open space plans and provided strategic masterplans at a territorial scale to city councils, corporate and private clients. The company’s portfolio includes retail outdoor spaces, corporate landscapes, parks, waterscapes as well as recovered brownfield sites and abandoned areas that were rehabilitated by our specialized teams. The successful experiences in Italy, Switzerland and Germany has led to many projects abroad, including Russia, Turkey, Brazil and the Middle East.

LAND offers its services from the concept to the construction and management of landscape projects based on a certified Quality Management System. The company’s multi-disciplinary approach aims to rethink land development by redefining the relationship between infrastructures, urban settlements and a productive, cultural as well as sustainable landscape. In LAND’s approach, landscape plays a central role as identity and investments catalyzer. The transformation of a landscape affects not only the local heritage, but also the territorial system, thus synergies among different design activities become crucial in order to improve project efficiency.

LAND Italia Srl, LAND Suisse SAGL and LAND Germany GmbH are all united under one brand - LAND.


Committed to quality

Since the year 2000 LAND Srl has been operating with a certified Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 international standards, coordinating and managing projects in the environmental, agro-forestry and landscape architecture sector with its subsidiary companies LAND Italia Srl and LAND Suisse Sagl.

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Via Varese 16
IT - 20121 Milano
T +39 02 8069 11 1


LAND Italia Srl
Via Varese 16
IT - 20121 Milano
T +39 02 8069 11 1


LAND Suisse Sagl
Via Nassa 31
CH - 6900 Lugano
T +41 (0)91 910 26 50


LAND Germany GmbH
Birkenstraße 47a
D - 40233 Düsseldorf
T  +49 (0)211 239478 0


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