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BIM for Landscape

BIM for Landscape

Building Information Modelling (BIM), is transforming the way we design cities, buildings and systems to enable them to perform throughout their entire life cycle.

A BIM model is a highly collaborative working model where stakeholders are involved in the dialectic environment in which projects evolve. The fundamental basis for excellent design results.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies in a context of maximum collaboration between operators, the BIM process produces a new horizon of data that is useful for smart and sensitive spatial planning linked to environmental conditions.

LAND works on more efficient designs and on fast-track schedules in order to optimise layouts, even in restricted spaces and to align efforts to achieve greater energy-efficiency.

Our purpose is to promote the learning, awareness and understanding of BIM within the landscape design sector, and to integrate this with wider industry needs.

We think that one of the key benefits of BIM is allowing all information to be kept in a single model or environment.

We offer BIM services:  

  • a full integrated BIM process based on Revit Server or Collaboration for Revit at every stage of the project;

  • fewer conflicts, automating the revisions of the papers and improving the cost forecast so as to enhance the quality of the projects;

  • high-quality landscape projects, respecting expected times and costs by solving the problems before the start of the work;

  • parametric landscape 3D models.

LAND vision is aligned with UNI 11337:2017 and the British government industrial strategy (2012).

BIM Projects

expo 2020 dubai land

Expo 2020 Dubai

3 Thematic Districts

66.215 sqm Public Realm area

7.403 sqm Softscape area

2.155 Trees planted

20 Months of work

100% BIM Project

LIM® Research Project

We want to revolutionize the way we design urban landscapes by measuring its impact on air quality, store water management, soil condition and plant growth – to improve the wellbeing of people in cities.

Our research project Landscape Information Modelling (LIM®) is adding a new dimension to Building Information Modeling helping professionals to design nature-based solutions for greener and healthier cities using a data-driven approach.