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Works for nature based solutions with LIM (BIM)

The LAND research group offers an Information Modeling consultancy in all phases of landscape projects at any scale. A constant development towords a Landscape Information Modeling.



Will BIM for Landscape influence the Green Dynamic of tomorrow?

The multidisciplinary LANDscape architecture offers a response to today’s challenges of a sharing society and now with Landscape Information Modeling we try to strenghten us to look at the future also in this field.

The L.I.M. look at landscape objects as a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data linked to everything concern the green world. Thanks to the integration of GIS and Environmental analysis, we are now able to manage data which can bring a valuable contribution to the BIM process by providing spatial input and geospatial visualization, adding information on the construction site’s surrounding environment that are essential for design decisions and approval processes.

LAND approach tries to combine ecology and science at the same time by considering the value of softscape elements into strategies for spatial variation. This alternative approach designs liveable spaces through collaborative innovation and improves a datascape, which can be visually presented and used for nature based solutions that influence or even define the architects work.

We believe that Landscape Information Modeling will be able scientifically to simulate and prevent the effects of our landscape projects during time in 4 main fields:

- HEAT ISLAND EFFECT: include parameters for Energy and Environmental Design useful for Landscape Architects (air quality CO2, cover canopy, heat island effect, materials location)

- STORE WATER MANAGEMENT: simulations of critical natural events (water flow analysis, permeable area needed, sustainable urban drainage strategy)

- PARTICIPATORY DESIGN: interaction with GIS and production of Open Data sharable with citizens (harnessing data, participation on digital solution)

- NATURE DYNAMICS: take advantages from the dynamism of soft landscape elements and 3d model complex topography (natural growth, seasonal cycle, water consumed by plants, stratification, multiple slopes and nurbs)


BIM for Landscape

The LAND purpose is to promote the learning, awareness and understanding of BIM within the landscape design sector, and to influence and integrate this with wider industry needs.

Using BIM modelling, we produce more efficient designs and to fast-track schedules, to optimise layouts, even in tight spaces and to align efforts to achieve greater energy-efficiency. The LAND unique style, shaped with generosity and longevity, targeted at the protagonists of the story is landed in the BIM world.

LAND BIM for Landscape is aligned with the British government industrial strategy (2012).


BIM Projects

expo 2020 dubai land

Expo 2020 Dubai

3 Thematic Districts

66.215 sqm Public Realm area

57.915 sqm Hardscape area

8.300 sqm Softscape area

14.193 sqm Green Vegetated area

2.155 Trees planted (1.358 native/adaptive trees)

20 Months of work

100% BIM Project


Get in touch

We invite external parties to contribute in the “LAND research programme”, through which LAND funds the most promising and inspiring new ideas to address themes like Landscape Information Modeling, sharing society or new mechanisms for sustainable development.

If you are interested in becoming our research partner or if you would like to go further with it, please contact us: