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1st LAND Convention

1st LAND Convention

24/25th May 2019



At our 1st LAND Convention we learned how important stories are: they create awareness and identification!

With more than 150 guests from all over the world we shared expertise, insights, knowledge and emotions as key drivers of our story.

We discussed with experts such as Carlo Castelli (Head of Cities Solutions | Built Environment), Marco Carabelli (General Manager, Arexpo), Nadia Boschi (Head of Sustainability, Lendlease) and Bruno Genovese (President, Leftloft) about the importance of public green spaces and the added value of landscape architecture to address present and future challenges.

During our Thematic Round Tables, multidisciplinary teams worked on solutions to make cities more digital and designed for all, paying attention to the importance of nature-based solution and enhancing the adaptive and productive elements of Landscape.


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